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irc-proxy 0.4 Beta

Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering application
Developer:   Piotr Chytła
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Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering application. It may be used whenever there is a need for monitoring IRC connections.

irc-proxy may be used to deny specific connections or to examine suspicious IRC traffic.

  • perl 5.6-8.x - ircproxy is supposed to run well on perl (5.6-8.x) which correctly supports POE

    Tested on :

    Debian testing - perl 5.8.8 / stable - perl 5.8. 4
    FreeBSD 6.1 - perl 5.8.8
    OpenBSD 3.9 - perl 5.8.6

    Module Ircproxy::Firewall also on : NetBSD 2.0.2 but ircproxy is untested.

    Ircproxy has been written in POE, so it requires POE engine, and some additional components.

    poe + components ( POE,

    additional perl modules (

    Firewall with redirect support.
    tags poe component  log dispatch  tcp poe  components poe  

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    irc-proxy 0.4 Beta (by Piotr Chytła)
    Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering application

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    Ircproxy is a transparent IRC content filtering application

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