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Java SQL Admin Tool 2.4.0

Admin is entirely written in Java
Developer:   Fredy Fischer
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Admin is entirely written in Java. It uses Swing GUI Components and JDBC to connect to databases. It has been succesfully tested with MySQL, InstantDB, Oracle, Empress, and PostgreSQL.

You can have a tree view of the RDBMS or pick a single instance to have a look at its metadata. It allows you to create, modify, and drop tables and to create indices on a table. The dynamic form makes it easy to enter data into a certain table, and the guided query makes it easy to retrieve data from a table and to export it.

Java developers will probably enjoy the code generator doing an OO relational wrapper and a swing GUI for them. You can also export and import data and transport it from one DBMS to another.

Admin runs with JDK 1.4.x because it is using the java.util.logging API to give more Info. As well as you need a RDBMS and a JDBC-Driver, see the Tested with section.
You need to add the following libraries to your CLASSPATH

  • JDOM for the Codegenerator
  • Martin Newsteads MSeries for the Codegenerator
  • Calendarbean for the Codegenerator
  • I did some tests with servlets, so if you want to dig in, you need to have servlet-engine
  • POI if you want to export data into XLS

    What's New in This Release:
    Data Export

  • This version got a better data export utility. Thanks to the Apache POI -Project it is possible to export Data directly into XLS-file format. Also I changed the behaviour of the CSV-exporter to be much faster, because I'm now using a PrintWriter to export data. There is a simple way to export into XML-Format (please let me know, if it feeds your needs).


  • The License changed to LGPL to make Admin more available.


  • If the underlying RDBMS is MySQL there is an additional menu that opens a simple dashboard, to see, what MySQL is doing


    Best thing is, to create a own directory, let's name it ./java. Then unpack admin in this directory. It will create the tree:

    gpl/fredy/admin you will find there in the main classes of Admin
    gpl/fredy/share all common used classes
    gpl.fredy.ui the user interface classes, needs
    gpl/fredy/images here you will find the images used by admin.
    gpl/fredy/metadata the classes that handles all about meta-information of the DB
    gpl/fredy/sqltools the classes around the tools struggeling around with SQL-commands, needs
    gpl/fredy/generate all about generating code, needs:
    applications/basics here you will find all the classes needed for launching generated applications. As soon as you generate the first classes, there will be a directory named as the database is named.

    So you see, the path to ./java has to be in your classpath and you are on speed.
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    Java SQL Admin Tool 2.4.0 (by Fredy Fischer)
    Admin is entirely written in Java

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