k-menu 0.9

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k-menu is a SuperKaramba theme that emulates KDE kicker.

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    Authors software

    Inf sys 1.1 (by mysio)

    k-menu 0.9 (by mysio)

    Similar software

    k-menu 0.9 (by mysio)

    GlassTaskBar 0.4 (by john16384)
    GlassTaskBar is a Superkaramba theme intended as a Kicker replacement (atleast that's how I use it)

    Softpedia Linux RSS 0.1.0 (by Marius Nestor)
    Softpedia Linux RSS is a theme for SuperKaramba for viewing latest Linux Softpedia downloads.

    SuperKaramba is, in simple terms, a

    kirambaSUSE 1.6.2 (by kimothy)
    Kiramba is a simple theme for SuperKaramba

    spell-karamba 0.2 (by cyberclaus)
    spell-karamba is a desktop applet for SuperKaramba that spells the typed words - letter by letter.

    You can choose from deutsch, en

    Sensors 1.0 (by choaskilla)
    Sensors is a SuperKaramba theme for motherboard sensors monitoring.

    This is my first upload on to KDE-look its a very basic sensor

    MusicClefAmarok 1.0 (by javaaneko)
    MusicClefAmarok is a SuperKaramba theme that controlls amaroK

    SlimRamba 0.6 (by eMDi)
    SlimRamba is a SuperKaramba theme for system monitoring

    WheelOfFortune 0.2 (by lkcl)
    WheelOfFortune is a HIGHLY experimental but fascinating superkaramba enhancement, with an example theme to see the principle and also

    Bubble system 1.0 (by Richard Szlachta)
    Bubble system superkaramba theme is based on my own sk theme Rounded debian (avalible on kde-look.org).

    Bubble system has two vers

    Other software in this category

    Liquid Weather ++ 13.4 (by Matt Sarah)
    Liquid Weather is a superkaramba theme and desktop applet for displaying weather information and forecasts

    Aazmat Monitor 0.1 (by Aazmat Monitor Team)

    Desktop Gmail 2.0 (by Abattoir)
    This is a superkaramba theme which uses wget to read the rss feed for your Gmail inbox and displays it on a GUI.It displays upto twen

    Cool Blue 1.0 (by Xvoid)
    Cool Blue is a desktop widget for SuperKaramba for system monitoring.

    It has cool blue translucent background (which I made with h

    Garfield comics 0.1 (by Squil)

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