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Gnome-Blog 0.9.1

Developer:   Seth Nickell
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Gnome-blog project is a panel applet that can post to BloggerAPI compatible blogs.

* Clean interface doesn't get in the way of what you're writing
* WYSIWYG styled text support
* Entries can be written gradually over the course of a day, popping gnome blog open and closed as you have thoughts to jot down and then posting at the end of the day
* Operates as a panel object/applet or a standalone application
* Supports many different kinds of blogs
* New Spell checking
* New Drag and drop images into your blog entry (if your blog supports it)

Supported Blogs:
* /
* Movable Type
* New WordPress
* New
* Pyblosxom
* Any other blog using bloggerAPI or MetaWeblog

  • GTK+ version 2.6.x
  • gnome-python
  • pyGTK

    What's New in This Release:
  • Make add link dialog stay near and above the blog window (Tommi Komulainen)
  • Do not crash when gtkspell is installed but lack a dictionary (Jan Alonzo)
  • Ensure window looks sane when resized (Olav Vitters)
  • Ensure blog applet window receives focus with newer metacity versions and make it stay on top (Olav Vitters)
  • Correctly position blog window beside the applet when using a vertical panel (Olav Vitters)
  • Make sure CTRL-B (bold), CTRL-I (italic) work when using the applet (Olav Vitters)
  • Fix XML-RPC URL (Olav Vitters)
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