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Dave Gnukem 0.56

Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter
Developer:   David Joffe
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Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter. It is inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1, one of my all-time favourite games. It currently runs on Windows, Linux and BeOS.

Although this is by no means a finished game, it is playable. You can walk, jump, shoot baddies, collect stuff, die, teleport, open doors, use lifts, open boxes etc. There is also a level editor.

I started writing this back in 1995 in my first year at university (actually it goes back longer than that, before that there was a pascal/assembly version), and work on it intermittently whenever I get time and inspiration.

It was originally a DOS-based 16 color EGA game; I then converted it to Linux/GGI, then I did a DirectX-based Windows port, and then I converted it to SDL. The code is a bit messy due to it's colourful history, I'm slowly trying to clean it up.

Let me know if you would like to help with this project; comments, code, graphics, sound and levels are all very welcome.

  • SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) runtime
  • SDL_mixer library

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