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Ultimate Gamers Toolbar 0.3

Developer:   Alexander
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Ultimate Gamers Toolbar is a Firefox extension which provides easy access to free online games and displays game server status information in the toolbar.

Here are some key features of "Ultimate Gamers Toolbar":
  • Supports hundreds of games using the ASE, GameSpy, GameSpy 2, GameSpy 3, Half-Life, Half-Life 2/Source, Quake 3, and Quake 4 protocols.
  • Punkbuster Screenshot Browser

    What's New in This Release:
  • Added: Server Wizard
  • Added: Links To Free Online Games
  • Added: PunkBuster Screenshot Browser
  • Improved: User Interface
  • Improved: Reposition Buttons/Status
  • Removed: Automatic Server Rotation and Update
  • Removed: Player List
  • Many Bug Fixes
    tags punkbuster screenshot  screenshot browser  half life  online games  gamers toolbar  free online  ultimate gamers  

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    Ultimate Gamers Toolbar 0.3 (by Alexander)

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