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ffGuestBook 1.0b7

ffGuestBook is a PHP guestbook system with file storage
Developer:   Philippe Kehl
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ffGuestBook is a PHP guestbook system with file storage. ffGuestBook is a PHP guestbook for web sites. Instead of using SQL databases, it relies on flat files for storage. It is fully configurable through templates, and includes support for English, German and Spanish. An administration interface for moderating entries is provided, along with restrictions for preventing users from entering wrong email addresses or unnecessarily long text.

1. Copy *php and the templates directory (incl. contents) into a directory (e.g. /guestbook) on your webserver and make ffguestbook.php the default page (via .htaccess' DirectoryIndex directive or by renaming it to index.php).
2. Make a directory named data (besides templates) and give it write permissions to the webserver (something like chown apache.apache data or chmod 777 data).
3. Take your favourite webbroser and goto The guestbook should appear.
4. Edit ffgb_config.php and set at least an admin username and password. More information is found in that file.
5. Edit the configuration (ffgb_config.php) and the templates to suit your need (read chapter 3, section 1 of this readme).

What's New in This Release:
  • Spanish translation available, even the README (->LEAME.txt) thanks to Pablo L. Zorzoli
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