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Vin 1.3

Vin is a web based, wine cellar management application written in PHP
Developer:   Zack Hamm
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Vin is a web based, wine cellar management application written in PHP. Vin project uses the MySQL database for data storage.

Here are some key features of "Vin":
  • Simple to use, web based menus
  • Optional user authentication for logins, with multiple permission levels
  • Wine storage and tasting tracking capability with pricing, purchase location, and more!
  • Search page with automatic filtering for search criteria
  • Easy column sorting for report pages
  • "Save-to-Excel" data export function to save your database to a MS Excel spreadsheet
  • Automatic Pocket PC support. Use while you're in the winestore!

  • PHP 4.x (PHP5 not tested)
  • MySQL 4.x or higher
  • Apache or IIS Webserver with PHP enabled

    What's New in This Release:
  • This release adds a search feature to allow a rating search with "or better" or "or worse".
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