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YaBook 0.98 Alpha

YaBook is a simple but powerful guestbook running on PHP 5
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YaBook is a simple but powerful guestbook running on PHP 5. YaBook project features easy installation and customization, multi-language support, an administration interface, and email notifications on new postings. YaBook's design uses a template system so it can be easy integrated into your page.

YaBook ist built on the Sourdough framework, a web application framework for PHP 5. Various database systems are currently supported, e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite.

Here are some key features of "YaBook":
  • Fully customizable layout and interface (skins support, template based)
  • Disallow HTML Code, BBcode support
  • Email notification on new entries
  • URL's will be transformed into links
  • Multipages. Browsable entries with previous/next bar.
  • User administration interface
  • multi-language support with automatic language detection
  • Ability to create multiple moderator and administration users
  • Moderators are able to hide/unhide, delete, or edit an entry
  • Administrator approvement of new entries if required
  • Anti-flood spambot protection by Captcha image verification.

  • Apache webserver (YaBook works on both Apache 1.3.xx or 2.0.x.)
  • MySQL 4.0.x database or later version
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • PHP 5 or later version. (YaBook has been tested on PHP 5.0.4 & 5.1.1)
  • GD2 Image Library (optional, required for anti-flood image verification)
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