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dagger 0.2

dagger is a small command-line utility for unix/linux written in Python which tags and renames audio-files
Developer:   Stephan Windm?ller
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dagger is a small command-line utility for unix/linux written in Python which tags and renames audio-files. Currently supported formats by dagger are MP3 and OGG Vorbis. dagger's configuration file supports different profiles with their own sets of options.


The following overview is produced when you run dagger without options. If you want further explanation, please refer to the README.

dagger 0.2
Copyright (c) 2006 Stephan Windm?ller

Syntax: dagger [options] [actions] file(s)
Example: dagger -v -r "%b/%n - %a - %t.ogg" *.ogg

General actions:
-h, --help Show this help
-r, --rename="format" Renames the given file(s) to format
-t, --tag="format" Parses the filename and saves the tag
--regexp="s/str1/str2/" Perform regexp replace

Actions which set static tags:
--set-artist="name" Sets the artist tag in all files
--set-album="name" Sets the album tag in all files
--set-comment="name" Sets the comment tag in all files
--set-genre="genre" Sets the genre tag in all files
--set-tracktotal="num" Sets the total number of tracks
--set-auto-tracknum Sets the track number automatically
--set-title="title" Sets the title tag in all files
--set-date="year" Sets the date tag in all files

--create-dirs Create needed directories while renaming
-d, --dry-run Do not change files, only show what would
--force Allow overwriting of existing files
--no-id3v1 Do not save id3v1 tags
--no-id3v2 Do not save id3v2 tags
--no-suffix Do not add suffix to format string if
--normalize Normalize title
--profile="profile" Use profile in ~/.daggerrc
-q, --quiet Do not produce any output
-v, --verbose Be verbose

Format may have the following fields:

%g: GENRE %y: DATE
%x: ignore this

What's New in This Release:
  • This release adds support for regular expressions and fixes some minor bugs.
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