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Criawips 0.0.11

Criawips aims to become a full featured presentation application that offers the perfect platform both for small presentations used t
Developer:   Johannes Rebhan and Sven Herzberg
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Criawips aims to become a full featured presentation application that offers the perfect platform both for small presentations used to explain a few things to other people and for big presentations used for commercial presentations.

Thus it should become easy to use, provide a good integration with other applications to become a presentation platform that can compete with commercial applications like MS PowerPoint, StarOffice Impress and Apple's Keynote.

Since version 0.0.10, criawips supports text editing. It's yet very basic, but it's going to be improved pretty much with the next releases.

This was the first big step towards creating presentations with criawips. Now the editing capabilities are going to be improved and then we can work on the template infrastructure to provide layouting.

  • Parts of the GNOME and GNOME Office SDK.


    tar xzf criawips-x.y.z.tar.gz
    cd criawips-x.y.z
    make install

    What's New in This Release:
    Criawips 0.0.11 brings everything necessary to create small presentations. You can create slides, add text and save the files (though the save stuff is not working completely yet).

    Please test it, use it and file bug reports and feature requests.

    New features and fixed bugs:

  • Text items can be created and edited from the UI
  • empty text elements display "Click here to add text..." in the editor

    User interface:

  • started to work on a template sidebar
  • the recent files are now located in a submenu below file -> open


  • re-organized the code to be better structured and to support faster rebuilds
  • when developing
  • don't distribute the debian directory
  • improve reference counting

    Application translations:

  • cs: Miloslav Trmac
  • en_CA: Adam Weinberger
  • es: Francisco Javier F. Serrador
  • nl: Tino Meinen
  • uk: Maxim Dziumanenko, new
  • vi: Clytie Siddall

    User manual translations:

  • none
    tags add text  presentations used  small presentations  

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