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Goby is an image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit
Developer:   Ken Ishii
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Goby is an image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit. Goby is being developed with the aim of providing an intuitive, ACDSee-like user experience.

Here are some key features of "Goby":
  • Two modes of operation, browse mode and view mode
  • Basic file browsing (folder tree and file list)
  • Progressive image loading
  • Zoom in/out and scaling options like fit to window
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free navigation

  • GTK+ 2.6
  • GLib 2.10 (part of the GTK+ toolkit)
  • GnomeVFS 2.10
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    Authors software

    Goby (by Ken Ishii)
    Goby is an image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit

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    Goby (by Ken Ishii)
    Goby is an image viewer based on the GTK+ toolkit

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