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gTVListings 0.8 beta

Developer:   Ross Merrigan
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TV listings management program

gTVListings is a TV listings management program constructed in Mono for Gnome using XMLTV to download the listings.

Key features include Searching, Favorites, Show Category, Reminders and Now & Next.

  • Mono
  • an XMLTV file

    What's New in This Release:
  • Bug fix in date goto.
  • Bug fix in render when there are no channel listings there was no space left.
  • Buf fix in the find results.
  • Changed show render into a binary serach.
  • Changed show render to show one line for description.
  • Changed description text colour in the show render to a gray.
  • Changed category text colour in the show render to a gray.
  • Added mouse scroll for channels and shows.
  • Added a info pannel.
  • Added hide at startupl.
  • Removed tooltips on the show render.
  • More user feedback from the console to help track bugs.
    tags show render  the show  text colour  changed show  management program  bug fix  listings management  

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