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ktvschedule 0.1.9

ktvschedule is a front end for xmltv, based on KDE 3
Developer:   Alexios Beveratos
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ktvschedule is a front end for xmltv, based on KDE 3. It shows TV program listings in a calendar view.

What's New in This Release:
Upgrade :

  • Added systemtray
  • Added Credits of Tv shows (Actors, Guests, Producers)
  • Added link to imdb for each actor in the menu
  • Added Translations (german full, french partial, greek zero)
  • Added possibility to choose the details one wants to display
  • Changed grabber configuration menu. Takes in account the differences between each tv_grab
  • Show in the tray icon the current shows.
  • Added (first) support for nxtvepg. At the moment it only supports showing of the nxtvepg xml file. Updating should be done by the user
  • Added control of row heights.
  • Added horizontal bar at current time.
  • Upgraded tv_grab configuration menu

    BugFix :

  • Probably the last fix needed for sorting and icons in function of the different grabbers
  • If show is 2 lines long or less than 10 mins show text is cut. Fixed
  • Tv_Grab did not quits after ktvschedule quits. Fixed
  • Fixed minimum size of ComboBox in case of empty combolist
  • Manage channel button is disabled while refreshing guide
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