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PyMovie 0.9.7a

PyMovie differentiates between Movies and Series
Developer:   Weber Mathias
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PyMovie differentiates between Movies and Series. It can track which friend has borrowed which movies.

Here are some key features of "PyMovie":

  • Saving general information to a movie, serie
  • Assigning eppisodes to a serie
  • Holding information of Users
  • Lend a movie or eppisode to a user
  • Search for a movie, serie, eppisode or a user
  • Edit a movie, serie, eppisode or a user
  • Search for the lend movies or eppisodes of a user
  • Search for the eppisodes from a serie
  • Getting Imformation about a Movie from IMDB

    Database, File access

  • Accsess to a Postresql Database
  • Accsess to a MySQL Database
  • File Database with SQLite
  • Import of Comma Seperated Value Files (CSV)
  • Import of XML Files that were exportet with PyMovie
  • Export into an XML File
  • Export into an Comma Separated Value File (CSV)
  • Export into HTML
  • Export into iXeMeL (A format i use to create this Webpage)

    Supported Operating Systems

  • Works on Linux with X11
  • Works on Windows (2000, XP)
  • Should work on other *nixes, but there is just the source version

  • Python 2.3
  • wxPython
  • pypgsql
  • pysqlite
  • mysql-python
  • This Dependencies arn't needed if you use the static linked version.

    What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed a problem with Windows
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    Download PyMovie 0.9.7a

    Authors software

    PyMovie 0.9.7a (by Weber Mathias)
    PyMovie differentiates between Movies and Series

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