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Wirble 0.1.0

Wirble project is a set of enhancements for Irb
Developer:   Paul Duncan
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Wirble project is a set of enhancements for Irb. Wirble enables several items mentioned on the RubyGarden "Irb Tips and Tricks" page, including tab-completion, history, and a built-in ri command, as well as colorized results and a couple other goodies.

The idea, of course, is to fill Irb with useful features without turning your ~/.irbrc file into swiss cheese. Using Wirble is simple, too. Here's what a standard Wirble-enabled ~/.irbrc looks like:

# load libraries
require 'rubygems'
require 'wirble'

# start wirble (with color)

Don't like the defaults? Wirble is configurable. For documentation on enabling specific features or tweaking the color settings.

Download Wirble 0.1.0

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