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Better String Library 07222006

Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'
Developer:   Paul Hsieh
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Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'s std::string.

The library is totally stand alone, portable (known to work with gcc/g++, MSVC++, Intel C++, WATCOM C/C++, Turbo C, Borland C++, IBM's native CC compiler on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), high performance, easy to use and is not part of some other collection of data structures. Even the file I/O functions are totally abstracted (so that other stream-like mechanisms, like sockets, can be used.)

Nevertheless, it is adequate as a complete replacement of the C string library for string manipulation in any C program.

The library includes a robust C++ wrapper that uses overloaded operators, rich constructors, exceptions, stream I/O and STL to make the CBString struct a natural and powerful string abstraction with more functionality and higher performance than std::string.

Bstrlib is stable, well tested and suitable for any software production environment.
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Better String Library is an abstraction of a string data type which is superior to the C library char buffer string type and C++'

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