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dbitotcl 0.14

dbitotcl is a Tcl extension for using Perl DBI (Database independent interface) from tcl
Developer:   Artur Trzewik
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License:   GPL (GNU General Public License)
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dbitotcl is a Tcl extension for using Perl DBI (Database independent interface) from tcl. This project allow to use nearly all functions of Perl DBI from Tcl as new Tcl commands. The use of Perl is hidden from the Tcl-User. Perl is loaded as embedded interpreter in the dbitotcl library and the library map all commands between Perl and Tcl.

It is in principle better way to use special Tcl-Extension for your Database (mysqltcl,oratcl,pgtcl,adatcl) but by using this library you can access to database, which have no Tcl-Extension and you have more generic API (like ODBC) and some special functions as Meta-Data (Catalog) access. So you can use very good Perl-DBI interface from Tcl.

  • Working tcl and perl interpreter (standard by all Linux Distributions)
  • Working perl DBI Module. You must install suitable DBI interface for your Database.
  • to compile: (C-compiler), Tcl-Headers (Suse-user must install tcld.rpm) and Perl developing stuff (standard with all Perl distributions).
    tags perl dbi  from tcl  tcl extension  dbi interface  and perl  must install  you can  for your  extension for  interface from  your database  

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    Authors software

    Esperantilo 0.86 (by Artur Trzewik)

    dbitotcl 0.14 (by Artur Trzewik)
    dbitotcl is a Tcl extension for using Perl DBI (Database independent interface) from tcl

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    dbitotcl 0.14 (by Artur Trzewik)
    dbitotcl is a Tcl extension for using Perl DBI (Database independent interface) from tcl

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