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DIET Agents 0.97

DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform written in Java
Developer:   Erwin Bonsma
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DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform written in Java. It was developed as part of the DIET project and released as Open Source at the end of the project. A bottom-up design was used to ensure that the platform is lightweight, scalable, robust, adaptive and extensible. It is especially suitable for rapidly developing peer-to-peer prototype applications and/or adaptive, distributed applications that use bottom-up, nature-inspired techniques.

Here are some key features of "DIET Agents":
  • A clean layered architecture, with a kernel that is lightweight, simple and general.
  • The fail-fast kernel constrains and minimises the use of threads, sockets and memory.
  • Agents are autonomous yet lightweight, making it possible to run 100,000s of agents in a single VM.
  • A model-event infrastructure provides sophisticated visualisation support.
  • A thread-safe agent execution model makes programming new agent behaviours straightforward.
  • Provision of extensible and modular agent behaviours, using jobs and event managers.
  • Various implementations of remote communication are provided, built on top of the kernel

    What's New in This Release:
  • Only relatively small improvements have been made, but ones that developers should find useful. In particular, the new MirrorFactory interface makes it much more convenient for agents to initiate communication with a remote agent.
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    DIET Agents 0.97 (by Erwin Bonsma)
    DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform written in Java

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