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Dinamica 2.1.2

Dinamica project is a powerful and very easy to use framework for J2EE Web development
Developer:   Nick Rhodes
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Dinamica project is a powerful and very easy to use framework for J2EE Web development. It's newbie friendly and was built from scratch to be a high productivity framework for building business-oriented Web applications, whether they are large-scale or smaller ones.

It stands apart from other Java MVC frameworks because it incorporates innovative programming techniques that boost productivity without sacrificing good object oriented design practices. Most common programming tasks can be completed without writing a single line of code.It uses Servlet API 2.3 and does not require JSP or TagLibs.

Here are some key features of "Dinamica":
  • Centralized request control via powerful MVC mechanism
  • Data-driven application behavior - declarative programming style
  • Integrated performance log - no coding required (request, MVC and JDBC level)
  • Centralized error handling with configurable email notifications
  • Complete and real separation of presentation from business logic
  • Powerful page composition with reusable HTML parts
  • Automatic and flexible form validation - extensible via simple plugins
  • Effortless international support
  • Declarative Server-side charts (with JFreeChart)
  • Server-side PDF reports (with IText)
  • Easy Blob management (save, retrieve and display)
  • Fully encapsulated JDBC facilities - automatic persistence
  • Disconnected Recordsets - efficient abstraction that eliminates O-R mapping
  • Transparent and declarative JDBC transactions control
  • Includes a complete security system with administrative web based console
  • Built-in support for Hessian Web Services
  • Built-in support for SOAP-based Web Services
  • Built-in support for HTTP tunneling
  • Built-in support for consuming RSS feeds
  • Built-in support for publishing simple REST services
  • Integrated AuditLog API
  • Fully documented (26+ PDFs), with a complete collection of How-to and Step-by-Step guides
  • Extensible in many ways via Plug-Ins
  • Abundant template code and pre-built solutions
  • Free support available
  • Includes a Code Generator, that auto-generates SQL, HTML and Java code, reads metadata from your database to generate code, it also creates documentation from your application configuration files.

    What's New in This Release:
  • This release adds better support for code-free Oracle BLOBs management (tested with Oracle 9i R2), a new generic class and complete reusable solution template, and enhanced generic recordset capabilities.
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    Dinamica 2.1.2 (by Nick Rhodes)
    Dinamica project is a powerful and very easy to use framework for J2EE Web development

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