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GD-Octave 0.0.3

GD-Octave is a library glue for exporting GD library functions into octave
Developer:   Muthiah Annamalai and Hemant Kumar
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GD-Octave is a library glue for exporting GD library functions into octave. It features string and text rendering to the PNG, JPEG, GIF, and WBMP image formats. Line, Point, Arc, Polygon, and Fill are supported as primitives.


Make up a class-like wrapper.

Keep track of pointers, and make sure you dont crash the system as and when you like to.

Map types:

GD type Octave Type

int * Matrix [1row, multiple cols]
gdPointPtr Matrix [n rows, 2 cols]
char * string
gdImagePtr long int
FILE * octave_stream
gdIOCtxPtr long int
void * long int
tags long  int  

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