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Math::Telephony::ErlangB 0.06

Developer:   Flavio Poletti
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Math::Telephony::ErlangB is a Perl extension for Erlang B calculations.


use Math::Telephony::ErlangB qw( :all );

# Evaluate blocking probability
$bprob = blocking_probability($traffic, $servers);
$gos = gos($traffic, $servers); # Same result as above

# Dimension minimum number of needed servers
$servers = servers($traffic, $gos);

# Calculate maximum serveable traffic
$traffic = traffic($servers, $gos); # Default precision 0.001
$traffic = traffic($servers, $gos, 1e-10);

This module contains various functions to deal with Erlang B calculations.

The Erlang B model allows dimensioning the number of servers in a M/M/S/0/inf model (Kendall notation):

  • The input process is Markovian (Poisson in this case)
  • The serving process is Markovian (ditto)
  • There are S servers
  • There's no wait line (pure loss)
  • The input population is infinite

  • Perl
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