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NetSieben SSH Library 1.1.0

NetSieben SSH Library is a Secure Shell client software written in C++
Developer:   NetSieben Technologies
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NetSieben SSH Library is a Secure Shell client software written in C++. NetSieben SSH Library utilizes Botan library for it's cryptographic functions, allowing for a large choice of algorithms to be used in SSH communications.

As a developer you may wish to integrate SSH client functionality into your applications. You can now use the NetSieben's API, instead of spending countless hours developing your own solution.

The SSH library was created by the NetSieben developers who, after researching the limited number of options available to them from both commercial and open source communities, found these solutions limited and at best, still in early stages of development.

What's New in This Release:
  • RSA and DSA public key authentication support has been added.
  • RSA and DSA key generation methods have been added.
  • Syslog functions have been removed, and all errors are now handled through the throwError() function.
  • A getReceivedSize() method has been implemented to support reading past /0 characters in the received stream.
  • Botan types have been changed to full types to avoid compatibility issues with Win32.
  • Win32-specific thread functions have been added.
  • Type definitions have been adjusted for Win32 compatibility.
  • Win32 socket functions have been implemented.
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    NetSieben SSH Library 1.1.0 (by NetSieben Technologies)
    NetSieben SSH Library is a Secure Shell client software written in C++

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