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Objective-C Foundation Classes 0.7.1

Developer:   Dick van Oudheusden
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Objective-C Foundation Classes is an Objective-C library.

It contains general purpose classes for easier development of applications, in areas such as data types, network, C library wrappers, collections, and compound classes.

The classes in the library are grouped in five clusters:

  • DataTypes - integer, text string, fraction, bitarray, date/time, random generators, big integer, big double ...
  • Collections - array, list, hash table, AVL and n-tree, circular array, graph ...
  • Network - TCP/UDP server and client, HTTP client, Telnet client ...
  • C-library wrappers - DBM, socket, MD5, regular expression, timer, file, directory, gzip and bzip2 file, text screen ...
  • Compound - Argument parser, calendar, finite state machine, tokenizer, XML tree, discrete distribution, objective-c source tokenizer ...

    What's New in This Release:
  • A new class (DBigFraction) and a new protocol (DBitArithmetic) have been added to the library.
  • There are also several bugfixes related to 64-bit platforms.
  • The copy-constructor support has been improved, and as a result all collections can now be (deep) copied.
  • There are some small bugfixes, and several classes have been extended with new methods.
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