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PyGG 0.4

PyGG (PyGTK and Glade) is a Python module intended to ease the usage of Glade with PyGTK
Developer:   Franck Pommereau
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PyGG (PyGTK and Glade) is a Python module intended to ease the usage of Glade with PyGTK. PyGG transparently handles the loading of Glade files and the connection of callbacks.


A PyGG object is a GTK widget together with its callbacks. It is created from two parts:

- a GTK widget called MyPygg, which should be defined in a Glade file named, this file may define other widgets

- a sub-class of one of the PyGG classes (Window, AppWindow, Dialog or Widget) named MyPygg and having methods corresponding to the callbacks defined in

Creating an instance of the class MyPygg will load and create an attribute widget in the instance, referring to the widget MyPygg. The other widgets will be available as attributes (the name of the widget being that of the attribute). The attributes of the widget MyPygg will be available as attributes of the instances of MyPygg.

A companion tool called allows to create sample PyGG classes from Glade files, having all the required callbacks.

What's New in This Release:
  • This version can be installed automatically.
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    PyGG 0.4 (by Franck Pommereau)
    PyGG (PyGTK and Glade) is a Python module intended to ease the usage of Glade with PyGTK

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