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TunePimp 0.3.0

Developer:   Robert Kaye
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License:   GPL (GNU General Public License)
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TunePimp library (also referred to as libtunepimp) is a development library geared towards developers who wish to create MusicBrainz enabled tagging applications.

  • MAD mp3 decode library:
  • libid3tag: I had to make some improvements to the libid3tag library, so you will need a version that is newer than 0.15.0b
  • libogg & libvorbis

    What's New in This Release:
  • Clayton O'Neill wrote a FLAC component for tunepimp and added the %format specifier for renaming conventions
  • Added %type, %status, %year, %month, %day and %country format specifiers
  • Mattias Friedrich added documentation for the C binding
  • Dave Evans wrote a perl module for libtunepimp
  • Added CharToOem conversion for writing filenames to FAT drives
  • Fixed a problem where tags were getting unsynchronized which should not happen for 2.3 tags.
  • Defined MAX_EXTENSION_LEN for use with tp_GetSupportedExtensions
  • Added Python bindings for tunepimp
  • include files are now in include/tunepimp so that example programs can use the same include path for the tp_c header file.
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