JTAG-O-MAT 1.2.5

JTAG-O-MAT program provides a simple but highly flexible interface to JTAG hardware
Developer:   Harald Kipp
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JTAG-O-MAT program provides a simple but highly flexible interface to JTAG hardware. In opposite to similar projects, the focus is on running automatic JTAG sequences. The code has been kept intentionally simple to maintain portability and allow modification without the risk to spoil too many dependant parts.

The program doesn't support debugging and cannot be used with GDB or other debuggers. Well, it can stop the CPU and retrieve register and memory contents, but that's all. And debugging support is not on the todo list.

Instead it's mainly intended to bring up a virgin hardware, use it in an automated test environment or to preload boards in a production environment. Or simply to play around with JTAG. In that sense, boundary scan support will appear on the todo list sooner or later.

Supported Hardware

This release had been tested with a Wiggler compatible JTAG adapter for the parallel port and an AT91R40008 based target board named Ethernut 3.

Additionally included is the firmware for a tiny ATmega8L based board named Turtelizer, which can be used as a JTAG adapter for the PC serial port.

What's New in This Release:
  • Memory uploads are now eight times faster.
  • Wiggler support for Linux and Intel Hex File support was added.
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