Calcc 0.1.1a

Developer:   Luigi Auriemma
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Calcc is a useful command-line calculator (32/64 bit numbers) which supports multiple input and output formats (hex, decimal, octal, base4, binary, string and IPv4/v6 addresses, base64, percentage, time), parenthesis and the following operators: complement, not, shift, rotate, xor, and, or, power, root, byte and bit swapping, multiplication, division, modulus, addition and substraction.

Can be used also like a quick and easy to use numbers converter.

I have decided to write this program for requirement (I'm lost without a command-line calculator) just because after many time and searches on Internet I have never found something similar supporting what I needed.

It is specific for people which use C and assembly and need a fast and simple way for computing particular calculations often used in these programming languages but it's also perfect for who wants to do 1+2 without reading a boring manual and without using tons of different programs for converting and reconverting inputs and outputs from a format to another one.

The program supports different types of input formats (default is decimal) and are recognized through a character before each number:

0x = hexadecimal example: 0x41
$ = hexadecimal example: $41
h = hexadecimal example: h41
o = octal example: o101
b = binary example: b1000001
i = IP address (v4 or v6) example: i1.2.3.4 or
q = base_four example: q1001
t = time hh:mm:ss example: t12:34:53
if you use t0 will be get the current system time
c = percentage example: 200 - c10 (it's like 200 - 10%)
200 = c10 (returns the 10%)
must be specified ever at right of the operation
= decimal (default) example: 65

All the input types are case insensitive, so 0x7a is the same of 0X7A.

IP addresses (both ipv4 and ipv6 supported) are automatically recognized also without specifying the 'i' char, if the program finds at least 3 dots in a number considers it an IP address.

What's New in This Release:
  • Localtime was substituted with gmtime (UTC time visualization).
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