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ipmkchains 0.17.1

ipmkchains is a firewall chain manipulation tool
Developer:   Bruce Guenter
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ipmkchains is a firewall chain manipulation tool. This package contains a program, ipmkchains, that reads in a set of rule files, computes the differences between those rules and the rules that are currently in use, and executes the necessary commands to make the rules in use match the rules from the file.

How to install:
You must login as root and then run "make install".

How to use:
The rule files are formatted as Python source. See the sample rules included in the distribution for an example of how to code the rules

  • Python 1.5 or later
  • GNU diff
  • Linux 2.2.x kernel and ipchains

    What's New in This Release:
  • (mask2bits): Moved the table of netmask to bit count translations into the constants.
    tags rules  rule  files  

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    ipmkchains 0.17.1 (by Bruce Guenter)
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