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Zen Garden 0.6.92

zengarden is a tool that watches over the installation and building of source archives
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zengarden is a tool that watches over the installation and building of source archives. It is a fork of installwatch that has been heavily updated with modern features.

It can prevent build tools from interfering with files outside the build directory and create a virtual chroot to perform installations in or backup the files the install overwrites.


Installwatch has been tested on Linux only.

Before compiling, you can edit the Makefile and change the PREFIX variable. Common values are `/usr' and `/usr/local'.

To compile it, a simple `make' followed by `make install' should do the magic.

You need an ELF system, but I don't think it's a problem today...

If you want to try installwatch on itself for the first time, do the following instead of `make install'.

Bash family:

LD_PRELOAD=./ make install

Tcsh family:

setenv LD_PRELOAD ./ ; make install

Of course, you must be root in the installwatch source directory.
Remember, if you belong to the tcsh family, LD_PRELOAD will remain set after `make install', so be sure to clear the variable.

What's New in This Release:
  • autoolized - at least for the most part
  • minor bug fixes
  • viewcvs (not really a feature in the tarball) - thx to sofar
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    Zen Garden 0.6.92 (by Dem)
    zengarden is a tool that watches over the installation and building of source archives

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