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dynacc 0.5.0

Dynacc aims to be a Pakage which gives you control other your Internet Connection
Developer:   Ben G. R.
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Dynacc aims to be a Pakage which gives you control other your Internet Connection. It runs a linux router/host which provides MASQ services and HTTP proxying for a LAN. It gives you the Power to define users/groups which are allowed to make internet connections. Dynacc makes Firewall/MASQ ACCEPT rules for them, and tells Squid to do HTTP-caching for them.

The Pakage switches the connection on when the first user logged in and turns it off when the last logged out!

Dynacc comes with a fast SQUID-redirector plugin which offers firewall authentication and fast redirect routines. As a PLUS it removes this borring Advertisement-Banners!

Scripts to add/delete or calculate Onlinetime for one user or a bunch users the same time come also with this pakage.

The Pakage is made for use at Schools, firms, Internetcafes or your home.

What's New in This Release:
  • ipchains
  • any webserver able to do cgi/1.0
  • Only supports SuSE 'firewall' Scripts, yet!Contribute!
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    Authors software

    dynacc 0.5.0 (by Ben G. R.)
    Dynacc aims to be a Pakage which gives you control other your Internet Connection

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    dynacc 0.5.0 (by Ben G. R.)
    Dynacc aims to be a Pakage which gives you control other your Internet Connection

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