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KWoodhammer 1.87

KWoodhammer is the all-in-one solution for traditional encryption methods as you know from Enigma, the Pope or the Russian Secret Ser
Developer:   Josef Spillner
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KWoodhammer is the all-in-one solution for traditional encryption methods as you know from Enigma, the Pope or the Russian Secret Service (KGB).

Are you looking for a comfortable shell which is able to handle encryption and analysis of multiple documents? Do you want a sophisticated application which contains all classical kinds of encryption, together with contemporary methods to protect your files or mails? Which integrates seamlessly into the K Desktop Environment, providing cut'n'paste, session management and DCOP interfaces to other applications (e.g. KMail, KWrite)?
KWoodhammer is the perfect solution for all your needs

Here are some key features of "KWoodhammer":
  • Caesar, monoalphabetic and polyalphabetic encryption methods
  • Strong analysis and decryption wizard
  • Multiple stages of encryption by the Event editor, to emulate complex encryption machines like the Enigma
  • Unlimited undo on editing
  • Highlighting of plain, encrypted and fuzzy chars
  • Complete Unicode support
  • Scripting with XML files (invoking KAction)
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