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nagios-check_sip 1.01

Developer:   Bashton Ltd
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nagios-check_sip plugin will test a SIP server/device for availability and response time.

  • A working Nagios install
  • Perl 5 or above


    - Copy to your nagios plugins directory (possibly /usr/lib/nagios/plugins)
    - Add check_sip to your checkcommands.cfg, for example:

    define command{
    command_name check_sip
    command_line $USER1$/check_sip -u $ARG1$ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 5

    - Alter your services.cfg to include a check against the check_sip command,

    define service{
    use generic-service
    host_name bubblegum
    service_description SIP test
    check_command check_sip!
    contact_groups router-admins
    max_check_attempts 4
    normal_check_interval 5
    retry_check_interval 1
    notification_interval 240
    check_period 24x7
    notification_period 24x7
    notification_options c,r
    tags check sip  24x7 notification  period 24x7  sip command  nagios plugins  check interval  

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    Authors software

    nagios-check_sip 1.01 (by Bashton Ltd)

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