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tipxd 1.1.1

tipxd is an IPX tunneling daemon which snoops on a local network for IPX 802.3 traffic, packages it and sends it over one or many TCP
Developer:   Thomas H Hendrick
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tipxd is an IPX tunneling daemon which snoops on a local network for IPX 802.3 traffic, packages it and sends it over one or many TCP/IP connections to tipxd running on remote machines where it is unpacked and sent via the local network. This, in effect, makes the IPX networks appear as if all IPX peers were on the same physical hub. This program makes easier the playing of games where TCP/IP connections are not possible(for example where the two IPX machines are both behind firewalls), and the join Novell Netware Networks, share Windows Drives, etc.

By default, tipxd looks for the configuration file /etc/tipxd.conf, unless this is overidden with the -f option. This file is a very simple record format. Each record has a texttt{BEGIN} and texttt{END} statement, and tags which can occur between them to assign values for that record.
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