Sauver 1.1.7

Sauver is a simple and easy to use Operating System for standard Intel or AMD powered computers
Developer:   Maulik Gordhandas & N.W.D.Co.
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Sauver is a simple and easy to use Operating System for standard Intel or AMD powered computers. Sauver is an Operating System based on the Linux kernel.

Why Sauver?

Sauver is a "Live CD", so no installation is required. The whole Operating System runs right off any removable media (USB or CD) , putting whatever system files it needs into RAM only. You simply start up your PC with the Sauver CD. It recognizes most of your devices, without having to take the trouble to install the drivers. Once you're done with Sauver, simply restart your PC. The CD will eject automatically and all will be exactly as it was before.

Imagine your System crashes and you want your data back but your operating system doesn't boot. You can't wait for your computer engineer to come and fix the problem. So what to do. Just put this CD and you get an GUI interface like your crashed system. And your data can easily be recovered.

The primary goal of Sauver is to provide easy recovery of data while keeping the cd's image small enough to be written to a 185 MB CD-R(W) medium (small 8 cm CD). Sauver boots directly from the CD or USB devices.


Other Live CDs contain all software in a single compressed file. If you run such a Live OS from CD-ROM, the CD drive has to seek back and forth really frequently, because different files are located on different locations of the CD medium. This makes the system notably slow.

With Sauver, all conformable parts of the filesystem are compressed to a standalone file, which doesn't contain anything else. For example, all files which belongs to Xwindow are packed in, KOffice related stuff is in, etc. If you work with KOffice, you usually need only files from KOffice and nothing else; and hence all files from that part of the filesystem are separated from the rest of it, your CD drive has to seek only in a 10 MB area. This significantly improves the speed.

Here are some key features of "Sauver":
  • Linux kernel 2.6 offering excellent hardware support
  • the newest ALSA sound drivers
  • ndiswrapper for loading Windows drivers for WIFI cards
  • madwifi drivers for native support for WIFI cards (Multiband Atheros)
  • X11 (xorg) Xwindow system, supporting many gfx cards and wheel mice automatically

    Sauver Standard CD contains Extra
  • Specially made Wifi Manager for Sauver
  • Recover Deleted files from NTFS (Win XP, NT) & FAT (Dos, Win 95, 98, Me, XP) Partitions
  • Save & Restore your settings
  • Partition Manager

    What's New in This Release:
  • added from= boot argument. You may use from=sauver.iso to search through the whole disk, or from=/dev/sda1/sauver.iso to search only on hda1
  • added noauto boot argument, to disable automounting of disks
  • added changes= cheatcode to use a permanent file for resorting and saving the settings. As good as a Installed Operating System
  • Save Settings GUI is changed with added changes feature
  • added NTFS3-G for Read-FULL "WRITE" Support on a NTFS Drive
  • added a GUI to mount NTFS as Writable
  • changed in wireless manager to auto detect the IP through DHCP Server
  • removed QTParted from Standard instead Added GParted
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    Sauver 1.1.7 (by Maulik Gordhandas & N.W.D.Co.)
    Sauver is a simple and easy to use Operating System for standard Intel or AMD powered computers

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