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ProShield 3.7.47

ProShield is a security program for Debian Linux
Developer:   Tom Burton
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ProShield is a security program for Debian Linux. Regular use is recommended.

Here are some key features of "ProShield":
  • Helps you backup your system weekly.
  • Checks for extra root accounts.
  • Checks account & password files for correct permissions.
  • Makes sure a few security-hazardous packages are not installed.
  • Checks for a packet sniffer.
  • Removes unneeded packages from the local package archive.
  • Checks for new software releases, in order to see if installed software is reasonably up to date. Smart-suggestion to upgrade if an important package is released.
  • Checks to see if 'apt' is fetching unnecessary information when checking for software updates.
  • Makes sure system time is accurate.
  • Checks to make sure the user isn't logged into the system (GUI) as root.
  • Checks the configuration of the ssh server ([sshd] if installed) for insecure settings.
  • At runtime, ProShield will also check to see if there has been a new version released, and can download and install it at the user's preference.

    What's New in This Release:
  • proshield (3.7.47) unstable;
  • urgency=low * ProShield should always be able to correctly calculate amount of space freed from apt cache cleaning. Previously, it would say "?? megs of space were freed" a lot.
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    ProShield 3.7.47 (by Tom Burton)
    ProShield is a security program for Debian Linux

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