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Vilistextum 2.6.9

Vilistextum is a small and fast HTML to text converter
Developer:   Patric Mueller
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Vilistextum is a small and fast HTML to text converter. It is quite fault-tolerant and deals well with badly-formed or otherwise quirky HTML.

It has full support for different character sets (e.g. Unicode). Vilistextum is able to optimize for ebook reading, collapse multiple blank lines, and create footnotes out of links. A GUI frontend using kaptain is included.

Here are some key features of "Vilistextum":
  • small and fast
  • understands HTML 3.2 upto 4.01 and XHTML 1.0
  • creates footnotes for links
  • can swallow multiple empty lines
  • removes empty ALT attributes
  • converts characters and entities between 128 and 159 from the windows1252 charset to meaningful strings in ISO-8859-1. E.g. 0x93 is converted to ".
  • output can be optimized for ebook reading
  • GUI-frontend using kaptain
  • supports various multibyte encodings (e.g. Unicode, Shift_JIS)

  • For multibyte support your system needs libiconv.
  • If you want to use the GUI-frontend, you need to have kaptain installed.
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    Vilistextum 2.6.9 (by Patric Mueller)
    Vilistextum is a small and fast HTML to text converter

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