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Cimbiote 0.5-2 by Michael DeHaan

Cimbiote allows writing and running CIM providers written in Python. Cimbiote is intended to make CIM development more accessible to developers. A good analogy is that Cimbiote is to CIM as mod_python is to Apache.

Plugins are distributed as separate RPMs. Incoming CIM requests are routed through… 

WebClipboard 20040404 by Leif Jonsson

WebClipboard is a tool to provide an Internet-accessible clipboard.

WebClipboard aims to extend a clipboard Internet-wide.

It uses an FTP or Web server to store the clips, and clips must be manually cut and pasted to it.

HTTP support is via a PHP upload page that must be installed.


Chestnut Dialer 0.3.2 by Konstantin Korikov

Chestnut Dialer is PPP (Point to Point Protocol) dialing program, written in Python. Many Internet providers, that provide dialup service, use PPP protocol; this program helps you to connect to Internet using a modem.

Current version (0.2.2) can work with GTK2, QT, or without GUI (command line in… 

LCD / LCD::MatrixOrbital 0.95 by Devon Jones

LCD::MatrixOrbital is a library module for accessing, and printing to a MatrixOrbital

All functions that are accessible on a MatrixOrbital (Without Keypad) have
been provided for in this program.

You can create, print Graphs, Large digits, create new characters, use a keypad and mor… 

PersonalDB 0.90 by Robert W. Johnstone

PersonalDB is background process that provides access for multiple users to individual SQL databases. The SQL database provides a central internet accessible datastore for a variety of applications. In particular, the database can be used as a personal information manager (PIM).

However, SQL data… 

PySL 0.1.0 by Chris Stawarz

PySL is a package that makes S-Lang functions and variables accessible via Python. It allows any S-Lang data type to move from S-Lang to Python scope and back (using numarray to provide the Python-side equivalent of S-Lang arrays). It also lets the user call any intrinsic or user-defined S-Lang fun… 

GNOME Interface for YUM 0.1.5 by Andras Toth

GNOME Interface for YUM is a graphical frame-program for easier use and setup the YUM install program.

Displays the accessible packages on the package service sites with filter. Manage the settings of package services.

Manage the cache used by YUM: free up disk space, manual install and trans… 

WAusers 0.1 by Milan Zamazal

WAusers application is one component of the WAhelper Web accessibility testing suite.

WAusers serves for managing Web accessibility testing sites where users can register, create their own Web accessibility testing projects, and log into all their projects using a single global password.

Web p… 

mod_accessibility 20030720 by Nick Kew

mod_accessibility is a fully automatic aid to making websites more accessible. mod_accessibility serves to improve Websites and Intranets for everyone:

For users, a range of accessibility options to choose from.
For developers and webmasters, an accessibility-enhanced version of your site for… 

OpenSign 1.6.0 by The OpenOces Development Team

OpenSign is a java applet for signing text in a webbrowser using PKCS-12 key-files or keys accessible through Microsoft CryptoAPI CSPs in a Win32 environment.

The applet is based on code kindly provided by IT-Practice and everyone is encouraged to submit code, suggestions or bugfixes through the… 

Mica 0.8 by Ryan Daum

Mica is a system for building network-accessible multiuser portable applications. It is a programming language and object environment designed to be accessible by more than one programmer at a time.

It includes an implementation of a mostly pure object oriented language. Automatic persistence, re… 

KSynaptics 0.3.1 by KSynaptics Team

KSynaptics is a control center module that enables users to take full advantage of their mobiles' synaptics touch pad. KSynaptics project depends on the XFree's synaptics driver.

Here are some key features of "KSynaptics":
adjustable pressure sensitivity
tapping configuration / smart tapping… 

ipaudit-web 0.95 by Lina Pezzella

ipaudit-web logs network activity, maintains traffic summaries, and presents Web-accessible graphs and reports. ipaudit-web logs network activity, maintains traffic summaries, and presents Web-accessible graphs and reports. It is useful for identifying heavy bandwidth users, DoS attacks, and scans,… 

Petal::Cookbook 2.19 by William McKee

Petal::Cookbook is a Perl module to recipes for building templates with Petal.

This document contains some examples of Petal template usage. Most of these examples deal with using Petal to generate HTML files from HTML templates.


Template location

When using Petal for web applicat… 

Browser CRM 5.000.02 by BrowserCRM Limited

Browser CRM is a Web-based suite combining integrated email functionality with flexible and powerful CRM (customer relationship management) and collaboration tools.

Browser CRM is a single, comprehensive application that is accessible from anywhere.

Browser CRM logs incoming and outgoing email… 

lt package manager 0.4 by Marc Vertes

lt is a package management tool, which can be used to install, query, check, update and remove software packages.

Each package is located inits own directory, then symbolic links are used to make package files accessible in traditional common location (/usr/local).

No database is used, and lt… 

Perlbox Voice 0.09 by Shane Mason provides voice solutions for Linux and Unix desktop control. There is great need for quality accessibility for the Linux desktop.

The need will only grow as Linux and open source Unix continue to grow more popular on home, educational, corporate and government desktops and servers. C… 

gtkgrepmail 1.0 by Jeremy Malcolm

gtkgrepmail is a grepmail GUI, which provides you with a way to search through your sent and saved mail.

Support is provided for both local mailboxes and remote mailboxes that are accessible using IMAP and SSH/RSH.


What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a… 

gotgaim 2006-03-06 by Justin Kelly

gotGaim project is a web based Gaim log reader and synchronisation system.

What does that mean? Basically gotGaim gives you an easy to use web page to view your Gaim logs and also provides a method to synchronise Gaim logs from multiple computers into one easy to access place.

The main reason for… 

phpPasswordManager 0.90.10 by hollow

phpPasswordManager is a Web-based password management system. The project organizes your different accounts in groups and makes them accessible over a Web interface. Each account can be encrypted with a different master password.


This release adds a… 



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