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Algorithm::C3 0.05 by Stevan Little and Brandon L. Black

Algorithm::C3 is a module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm.


use Algorithm::C3;

# merging a classic diamond
# inheritence graph like this:
# /
# /

my @merged = Algorithm::C3::merge(

Robsort Sorting Algorithm 1.0 by Robert Thompson

Robsort in a GNU public license sorting algorithm devleloped by Robert Thompson. Robsort uses random number generation to sort arrays of integers. It is claimed to be the world's least efficient sorting algorithm.

Scientists have calculated the robsort algorithm to approach an order of [n!] (n fa… 

Algorithm::Diff::Apply 0.2.3 by Andrew Chadwick

Algorithm::Diff::Apply is a Perl module to apply one or more Algorithm::Diff diffs.


## Single-diff form:
use Algorithm::Diff::Apply qw{apply_diff};
my @ary = ...;
my @diff = ...; # some call to Algorithm::Diff::diff()

my @changed_ary = a… 

Fast Genetic Algorithm 1.0 by Alessandro Presta

Fast Genetic Algorithm is a simple yet powerful implementation of a general genetic algorithm, and provides many types of crossover and selection procedures.

It is suitable to solve mathematical problems such as combinatorical optimization ones, as well as to build artificial life simulations.


Pos 1.9 by Folkert van Heusden

Pos is an experimental chess program based not on the Shannon algorithm, but on several others. Pos is not a brute force system.

The algorithm used is determined by a genetic (evolutionary) algorithm.

How to run it?

In a terminal

When using the SUN Java 5.0 runtime environment, start it… 

Algorithm::Loops 1.031 by Algorithm::Loops Team

Algorithm::Loops is a Perl module with looping constructs: NestedLoops, MapCar*, Filter, and NextPermute*.


use Algorithm::Loops qw(
MapCar MapCarU MapCarE MapCarMin
NextPermute NextPermuteNum

my @copy= Filter {t… 

libmemory 0.0 Alpha1 by Ronald Landheer-Cieslak

libmemory library provides an implementation of M.M. Micheal's Safe Memory Reclamation algorithm in C.

The Safe Memory Reclamation algorithm provides a convenient way to get rid of the so-called ABA problem in which a value changes from A to B back to A between reads.

If, for example, the valu… 

Algorithm::Networksort 1.05 by John M. Gamble

Algorithm::Networksort can create inline comparisons for sorting.


use Algorithm::Networksort qw(:all);

my $inputs = 4;

# Generate the network (a list of comparators).
my @network = nw_comparators($inputs);

# Print the list, and print the graph of the… 

UPPAAL TIGA 4.1.0-0.9 by Alexandre David

UPPAAL TIGA is an extension of UPPAAL [BDL04] and it implements the first efficient on-the-fly algorithm for solving games based on timed game automata with respect to reachability and safety properties.

Though timed games for long have been known to be decidable there has until now been a lack o… 

libsift 1.8 by Sebastian Nowozin

libsift is an algorithm to identify and locate interesting points within an image. For all such points, a descriptive signature is extracted.

The signatures can be stored and matched among multiple images, allowing for a large number of interesting applications, such as aligning overlapping image… 

PoMP 0.1 by Youjip Won

This is the first public release of PoMP. We develop an algorithm which minimizes the power consumption for multimedia data playback. We implement the algorithm in mpeg2dec. PoMP uses library of mpeg2dec.

You have to install mpeg2dec to execute PoMP. PoMP controls the disk spindle via standard A… 

FDDA 0.9 by Joerg Ruedenauer

FDDA project is a framework for the demonstration of distributed algorithms. (such as flooding or election algorithms), meant for learning and teaching.

After you program an algorithm, you may model a small network and FDDA will show how it works, mainly by visualizing the messages sent in the n… 

librsync 0.9.7 by Martin Pool

librsync is a free software library that implements the rsync remote-delta algorithm. This algorithm allows efficient remote updates of a file, without requiring the old and new versions to both be present at the sending end.

The library uses a "streaming" design similar to that of zlib with the… 

Distributed Hardware Evolution Project by Miguel Garvie

The Distributed Hardware Evolution Project allows the distribution of a genetic algorithm evolving hardware designs across the Internet by setting up an island on each client's PC which will evolve during idle time. Individuals from these islands will migrate between each other as they compete for s… 

Cyfer 0.6.0 by Senko Rasic

Cyfer is a portable low-level cryptographic library with support for several programming languages. Cyfer provides implementations of many message digest (hash), block and stream cipher, and public-key algorithms.

The library is extremely modular, providing easy way to add or modify algorithm im… 

blowcrypt 1.0 by John Horton

Blowcrypt is a file encryption utility based around the blowfish algorithm. It has a Tk frontend but can also be used from the command line.

The key length is currently set to 448 bits. (the maximum that is permitted by the blowfish algorithm.) The system has been designed to be modular. The bas… 

Bayesian Noise Reduction Library 2.0.3 by Nuclear Elephant

libbnr is an implementation of the Bayesian Noise Reduction (BNR) algorithm. All samples of text contain some degree of noise (data which is either intentionally or unintentionally irrelevant to accurate statistical analysis of the sample where removal of the data would result in a cleaner analysis)… 

java-diff 1.0.5 by Jeff Pace

java-diff is a set of Java classes which implement the longest common subsequences algorithm.

java-diff compares the elements in two arrays, returning a list of Difference objects, each of which describes an addition, deletion, or change between the two arrays.

Java Environment… 

tuneit 0.3 by Mario Lang

tuneit is a simple command-line instrument tuner for Linux.

It uses two different algorithms for pitch detection. By default, a simple and fast Schmitt Trigger based algorithm is used to detect the fundamental frequency of an instrument.

For better and more reliable results, there is an alter… 

mcl-algorithm 06-021 by Stijn van Dongen

mcl-algorithm is a scalable cluster algorithm for graphs based on stochastic flow.

The flow process employed by the algorithm is mathematically sound and intrinsically tied to cluster structure in graphs, which is revealed as the imprint left by the process.

The threaded implementation has ha… 



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