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Super AJAX Programming Seed 1.0 by Implied By Design LLC.

AJAX is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. With AJAX, you can create web applications with nearly the same functionality as your desktop programs. Super AJAX Programming Seed project is a tight script that illustrates a simple use of AJAX technology using PHP, HTML and JavaScript.


Ajax+PHP CSS Popup Chat rev173 by Rolando Gonzalez

Ajax+PHP CSS Popup Chat is a web script to comunicate with current users watching a Web page.

On the browser, it uses JavaScript to request the online users list from the PHP script. If the user clicks on one of the user's nickname, a CSS popup will appear for sending messages.

If the user rec… 

TopJax 0.2 by J. Matthew Miller III

TopJax is essentially the “top” unix utility ported to the web via Ajax using Sack of Ajax. It provides the ability to view system processes, sort processes by various fields, pause/unpause monitoring, and hide idle processes.

TopJax is released under the GPL.… 

Mila Ajax Map 1.2 by Alexander R Eremin

Mila Ajax Map is an AJAX Web application witch can be used with a Web browser to display a network map with monitoring functions.

How Install

You need apache, python, python gadfly and cup of coffee.
At first you need create gadfly db with
You need determine x and y coordinates fo… 

MySysop 1.2-b1 by Frederic Fillon

MySysop is a PHP tool with AJAX support for managing MySQL server settings and monitoring process, variables, and status.

What's New in This Release:
AJAX support was added.
The live_Values and process list sections were added.… 

CBL Partial Updater 20051104 by Cybozu Labs, Inc.

CBL Partial Updater is an AJAX library for PHP. Unlike other libraries, all operations are controlled by the server side.

By using the library, an existing PHP script can be converted to an AJAX application in less than a minute.

HTML Parser for PHP 4


Saja 2.3 by Dave Maestri

Saja is a lightweight AJAX scripting engine for PHP with secured function calls. Saja is designed for the speedy creation of simple, intuitive, and maintainable AJAX applications, without the need to write any JavaScript.

Saja is currently implemented through PHP only. It consists… 

Salto Framework 3.0.11 by Salto Consulting

Salto Framework is a framework based on Ajax, Struts and J2EE technologies. Salto Framework provides graphical components such as datatables, treeviews and listboxes, and allows you to refresh only some parts on the screen. Thanks to the framework you don't have to write any javascript or to know an… 

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit 2.0.0 by OpenLink Software

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit in short OAT, offers a broad Javascript-based, browser-independent widget set for building rich user interfaces on all common browsers.

It comes with sample applications for interactive SQL query composition and database design. These applications work against any Microsoft… 

AJAX Book Reader 1.00 by Michael Thompson

AJAX Book Reader is a complete AJAX client-server application that may be used with a Web browser to display a sequence of text files one page at a time.

The display style is completely controlled by a configuration file. The first application of this is as a book viewer where each chapter reside… 

DWR 2.0 RC1 by Joe Walker

DWR is a Java open source library that helps developers wanting to write Web sites that include AJAX technology.

DWR project allows code in a Web browser to use Java functions running on a Web server as if it was in the browser.

What's New in This Release:
A host of new features were added,… 

AMP 0.9.1 Beta by Matt Pileggi

AMP is a framework-independant Java API that enables processing of AJAX requests in a normal MVC pattern.

AMP framework is currently integrated with the Spring framework to allow for easy configuration. It was inspired by Ruby on Rails partials.

About AJAX:

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML,… 

Gregarius 0.5.4 by Marco Bonetti

Gregarius project is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.

Here are some key features of "Gregarius":
Completely web-based (runs on your web server)
Simple, password-protected, administrat… 

Tacos 4.0.1 by Viktor Szathmary

Tacos library project provides components and ajax behaviour for the Tapestry java web application framework.

It's intent is to provide a library of high quality components that may be used in your tapestry application, as well as provide a core infrastructure for using ajax related logic in thes… 

Ajaxdo 1.1 by Amir Shevat

Ajaxdo is a Ajax persistent Data Objects framwork.

Ajax Data Objects (ajaxdo) provides an easy database persistency framework for JavaScript objects. Ajaxdo enables runtime loading, saving, deleting, and listing of JavaScript objects stored on the server database.

Using Ajaxdo can dramatically… 

AJASON 0.9 by Sven Jacobs

AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for the upcoming Web technology called AJAX. AJAX permits data to be fetched asynchronously without the need for reloading the Web page and thus allows the development of interactive GUI-like Web applications.

JSON is a lightweight data interchange… 

LesserWiki 0.4.1 by Masaki Yatsu

LesserWiki is a TiddlyWiki style Wiki engine using Ajax. LesserWiki is a Rails application.

Here are some key features of "LesserWiki":
Using Ajax
LesserWiki does not load all tiddlers at start time
It is suitable for multi-user
Using visual effects
Rich textformats

CPAINT 2.1.0 by Paul Sullivan

CPAINT short from Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit is a true AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript+XML) and JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) implementation.

CPAINT provides you the code required to implement AJAX and JSRS on the back-end, while the returned data is manipulated, formatted,… 

DOM3K 0.1.1 by Eric Sadit T?llez Avila

DOM3K is a fast and rapid development Framework for AJAX. DOM3K uses SPyRO as Web services provider (with the XMLRPC message format) and supports a set of fast and furious javascript functions to manage and create amazing sites.

DOM3K can create standalone applications with the web server include… 

ZK 2.2.0 by Tom Yeh

ZK is an AJAX/XUL Web framework designed to enable Web applications to have both rich user experiences and a simple programming model. ZK includes an AJAX-based event-driven engine to automate interactivity and a rich set of XUL-based components.

As the Web reaching our daily lives, the ability o… 



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