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CGI::Request 2.0b1 by Martin R.J. Cleaver

CGI::Request is a parse client request via a CGI interface.


use CGI::Request;

# Simple interface: (combines SendHeaders, new and import_names)

$req = GetRequest($pkg);

print FmtRequest(); # same as: print $req->as_string

POE::Filter::HTTPD 0.3601 by Artur Bergman

POE::Filter::HTTPD is a Perl module to convert stream to HTTP::Request; HTTP::Response to stream.


$httpd = POE::Filter::HTTPD->new();
$arrayref_with_http_response_as_string =
$arrayref_with_http_request_object =

Jifty::Request 0.60912 by Infinity Interactive, Inc.

Jifty::Request is a canonical internal representation of an incoming Jifty request.

This document discusses the ins and outs of getting data from the web browser (or any other source) and figuring out what it means. Most of the time, you won't need to worry about the details, but they are provide… 

Change Control Request Manager 0.3.0 by Dave F.

Change Control Request Manager is an online system for managing change requests for businesses. Change Control Request Manager project can be customized to fit the needs of a particular business.

Here are some key features of "Change Control Request Manager":
Abillity to customize data entry fi… 

Generic Apache Request Library 2.08 by Jim Winstead

libapreq is a shared library with associated modules for manipulating client request data via the Apache API.

Generic Apache Request Library also includes language bindings for Perl (Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie). Functionality includes:

parsing of application/x-www-form-urlencoded data… 

ARP Tools 1.0.2 by Krzysztof Burghardt

ARP Tools is collection of libnet and libpcap based ARP utilities.

ARP Tools project currently contains ARP Discover (arpdiscover), an Ethernet scanner based on ARP protocol; ARP Flood (arpflood), an ARP request flooder; and ARP Poison (arppoison), for poisoning switches' MAC address tables.… 

mod_account 0.1.0 by Justin Ossevoort

mod_accounting is an Apache module which measures system resources at the beginning and end of a request and can thus derive the resource usage of the request.

This can be used for things like Web site performance improvements, tracing performance bottlenecks, detecting anomalies, and enforcing f… 

Request Access 1.1 by KaruppuSwamy.T

Request Access is a Firefox extension which sends an email to the System Admin when you encounter an "Access Denied" website.

Sometimes we encounter "Firewall - Access denied for the web site you requested!" message while surfing from a corporate network. Unfortunately, firewalls sometimes rate a… 

Pluto Request Action Library by Pluto Inc.

Pluto Request Action Library allows you to create a client/server application, where client sends requests, server replies with responses and optional actions. Very object oriented, and takes only minutes to get going. Same library used for both server & client side.

How does it work?

The clie… 

Construct-java 1.0 RC1 by Andres Almiray

Construct is a framework for command processing. It is based on a request/response cycle managed by a Controller. Construct-java has support for filters, filter chains and command chaining. The controller has two modes for request processing: synchronous and asynchronous. Validators (commons-validat… 

Modify Headers 0.5.2 for Firefox by Gareth Hunt

Modify Headers is a Firefox extension which allowes you to add, modify and filter http request headers.

You can modify the user agent string, add headers to spoof a mobile request (e.g. x-up-calling-line-id) and much more. Take a look at the help tab of the Modify Headers window.

Some people t… 

ScraperPOD 3.05 by Glenn Wood

ScraperPOD is a framework for scraping results from search engines.


use WWW::Scraper;

# Name your Scraper module / search engine as the first parameter,
use WWW::Scraper('eBay');
# or in the new() method
$scraper = new WWW::Scraper('eBay');

Classic WWW::Search mode


mod_verify 1.4 by Anthony C Howe

mod_verify Apache module is a ownership & permission verification for Apache 1.3.

This module is intended to verify ownership and permissions of directories and files within a web site's hierarchy without having to use setuid() and setgid(), ie. no root privileges needed.

In order for this mo… 

SQL::Amazon::Request::Help 0.10 by Presicient Corporation, USA

SQL::Amazon::Request::Help is an Interface to retrieve Help content.


$dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:Amazon:', $amznid, undef,
{ amzn_mode => 'books',
amzn_locale => 'us',
amzn_max_pages => 3

Ethiopic::Cstocs 0.12 by Daniel Yacob

Ethiopic::Cstocs is a Perl module for conversions of charset encodings for Ethiopic script.


use LiveGeez::Request;
require Convert::Ethiopic::Cstocs;
my $r = LiveGeez::Request->new;

ReadParse ( %input );
$r->ParseInput ( %input );

my $c = Convert… 

SQL::Amazon::UserGuide 0.10 by Presicient Corporation, USA

SQL::Amazon::UserGuide is a Perl module with user Guide for DBD/SQL::Amazon.


# create the parser, passing in the current Amazon metadata
my $parser = SQL::Amazon::Parser->new(%attrs);

# parse a SQL statement, ret… 

apt-got 0.8 by Tobias Hertkorn

apt-got is a customizable Debian local mirror engine. It works like a highly specialized proxy.

It employs several pluggable modules that are customized for specific jobs.

The first available module builds and supervises a partial (or full) Debian mirror which is populated on-the-fly by apt-… 

TagIt 1.0 by Steve Scholnick

Tagit allows custom JSP tags to be tested with a container. It is very different than TagUnit; the two libraries complement each other nicely. Tagit is an implementation of the Mock Objects testing pattern.

All custom JSP tags generate HTML, and the HTML can be validated. Often custom tags are re… 

PHP Gift Registry 1.5.2 by Ryan Walberg

PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database that allows members to keep track of the gifts they'd like to receive and see what items other members would like to receive. Private reservations ensure gifts are not bought twice.

Here are some key features of "PHP Gift Registry":
A single unifyin… 

mod_athena 1.1.2 by Mark Wolgemuth

mod_athena is an Apache-based application load balancer for large systems.

This module is designed to allow httpd to act as a load balancer, either internally to apache's own mod_proxy (for reverse proxying), or externally to machines querying it.

Arbitrary statistics are sent to the engine vi… 



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