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Cover Desktop 0.3.3 by Bellegarde Cedric

Cover Desktop script show current amaroK cover on desktop.

To change position of cover, use Alt + left click.


What's New in This Release:
Rename archive (amarokscript.tar.bz2)
Now sleep for 5 seconds after cover update. Should fix "multiple covers on desktop"… 

RockBox WPS cover creator 0.2 by Adrian Siemieniak

RockBox WPS cover creator is an amaroK script that creates covers for RockBox WPS.

Covers are created in currently played directory (so you can sync later data on HD with DAP - it's like I do with rsync).

It's fast and dirty script so do not expect much - it just checks if there is a cover.bmp… 

background-cover 1.1 by Even Nedberg

background-cover is an Amarok script that displays the album cover, track information.

Optionally the embedded track image on the kde desktop background, and changes the background at each track change.


Rockbox Cover Generator 0.1 by Richard Homonnai

Rockbox Cover Generator amaroK script is a modded version of RockBox Cover Creator by Adrian.

This version is meant for people who use the iRiver in plugged-in mode to listen to music and keep in sync with the mp3s on Harddisk.


You need to set a root folder for your music on… 

CoverPrint 1.1 by Sander van Grieken

CoverPrint prints the current amaroK playlist to a CD cover using easily customizable SVG templates.


Run the script. No configuring is necessary. Rightclick in the playlist window and select Print CD Cover from the CoverPrint context menu.

amaroK 1.3
Python 2.3

Kopete Now Listening for Amarok by Andras Georgy Bekes

Kopete Now Listening for Amarok script will update your Kopete status to "Amarok is playing title -artist", and set your global photo to current album cover.

What I did is putting together all the contributed script on my blog and put it as an amarok script.



EmbedCover 0.7 by Mark Kretschmann

EmbedCover is a script for embedding album cover images in MP3 files. EmbedCover script will automatically look up the image associated to it in amaroK and embed this image in the file.

The MP3 file must have an ID3-V2 tag, otherwise the script will abort, and the file must be in your Collection… 

wabaroK 0.1.3 by JJL

wabaroK is a amaroK script that provides an web interface to amarok.

Here are some key features of "wabaroK":
list artists/albums/songs
list albums of an artist
list songs of an album (with cover and length)
stream mp3 files over network
does NOT need apache nor MySql
GUI for configuration

Kopete Avatar 0.3 by Bellegarde Cedric

Kopete Avatar script sets your avatar in Kopete with current amaroK cover.

Compatible with now listening module(include in kopete).

To install it, set global identities in kopete with photo == /tmp/kopete-amarok-cover.png

To use default avatar, edit .avatarrc in your home.



Amarok announce 1.0 by Adrian Neumaier

Amarok announce is a small perl script for Konversation which will display what you play in amarok.

Place the script in ~/.kde/share/apps/konversation/scripts, make sure it's executeable, then add in Konversation an Alias "amarok /exec" then you can use it by typing /amarok in a channe… 

iAmarokPod 1.4 by Sebastien Chevriau

iAmarokPod is a SuperKaramba theme that controls Amarok audio player with the iPod look.

It displays the track name, the artist name, the album name, the album cover, the track length, the time remaining and the current index of playlist of the track that is playing in Amarok.

When Amarok is n… 

amaroK 1.4.4 by amaroK Development Team

amaroK is a soundsystem-independent audio-player for *nix. amaroK's interface uses a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and super happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment… 

AmarokControl 1.1 by Sebastien Chevriau

AmarokControl is a SuperKaramba theme that controls Amarok audio player. AmarokControl is inspired of the Dashboard Widget of khaitu.

It displays the track name, the artist name and the album cover of the track that is playing in Amarok. The theme has play/pause, previous track and next track fun… 

Playlist - CD Cover 0.1 by carstenjahn

Playlist - CD Cover is a perl script that generates nice printable CD Covers using TeX. You can use custom designs by creating your own templates.

Perl-QT, TeX, dvips and kghostview are required. Please read the README file.

The script is still experimental -- feel free to send me enhancemen… 

lyrics_leos 0.6 by Lorenz Rohrl

lyrics_leos is a plugin for amarok to fetch lyrics from

amarok 1.4*
Ruby 1.8
internet connection

What's New in This Release:
amaroK->Amarok in README
fixed bug with umlauts (other special chars work also?) in title/artist didn't return anythi… 

Amarok lyrics 0.1b by Lcio F. C.

Amarok lyrics is an amaroK script to get lyrics from

Fixed a small bug that made it skip the first line of the lyrc.

Many thanks to for providing their service.

amaroK 1.4
Ruby 1.8


Just run the script, and… 

amaroK_2 1.0 by mikevraziel

amaroK_2 is a SuperKaramba theme for amaroK control.

Added Stop button and album title in the amaroK.

All the design credit goes to the original developer of amaroK

Future Improvements:

Different widget shape
Volume bar
Track Title


amaroK-svn 3.1.1 by Jocke Andersson

amaroK-svn script installs the current development version of amaroK (from SVN) on your computer. If you've run it once, and then run it again, it will update your version of amaroK and only compile the new files.

(amaroK-svn was earlier known as

The latest version needs… 

amarokNowPlaying 1.2 by Daniel Dormann

amarokNowPlaying is an amaroK script. It can generate two types of files: a text file (nowplaying.txt) with loads of information about the currently played track and the playlist's settings and images with the album cover, artist and track name plus an image which you can use in your signature or si… 

Repeat A/B - Amarok script 1.1 by Benjamin Kluck

Repeat A/B - Amarok script is an Amarok script which can repeat a song from point A to point B.


Right click the playlist and select Repeat --> A/B.
Now you have your first mark.
Hit Repeat --> A/B again and you have the second mark.
Repeat A/B starts.

Hit Repeat --> A/B a third t… 



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