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CeeMedia by Christian Storgaard

CeeMedia is a program for cataloguing your movie collection.

It can retrive info and cover images from places such as Amazon, IMDb and All Movie Guide, and if that's not enough, you can write your own plugin for your favorite movie-site.

It also generally tries to provide the user with the mos… 

DVDAttache 3.7.0 by Marshall L Smith Jr

DVDAttache is an application for managing your database of DVD titles. DVDAttache is freely available, but donations are accepted.

Here are some key features of "DVDAttache":
Amazon and IMDB searching.
Quick Add feature with a database of over 3,500 titles. Just check the ones you own and cli… 

Amazon API Search 1.0.0 by Andrew Smith

Amazon API Search is the beginnings of a perl script to search Amazon.

It interfaces with Amazon's API interface and performs whatever search the user desires, it then parses the data returned and inserts it in to an MySQL table.

Currently the script only deals with basic returned data, and do… 

Ruby/Amazon 0.9.2 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/Amazon is a Ruby language library that allows programmatic access to the popular Amazon Web site via the REST (XML over HTTP) based Amazon Web Services. In addition to the original site, the,,,, and properties are also supported… 

SQL::Amazon::Request::Help 0.10 by Presicient Corporation, USA

SQL::Amazon::Request::Help is an Interface to retrieve Help content.


$dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:Amazon:', $amznid, undef,
{ amzn_mode => 'books',
amzn_locale => 'us',
amzn_max_pages => 3

mCatalog 0.2 by Cesar Garcia Tapia

mCatalog is an application for catalogue films and books. It's completely written in C# and dessigned for working in the GNOME desktop. The major goal is to be visually nice and as usable as possible.

It allow to search your book or film in amazon, searching by title, keyword or ISBN.


Artie 0.2 by Stephen Crane

Artie is a Java program that fetches cover artwork using Amazon Web services. Artie project requires an Amazon developer ID.

axis version 1.1

Note: when you integrate this class into your package, _you_ are responsible for the client-id of the overall software. Contact Amazon… 

Data Crow 2.9.2 Beta by Robert Jan van der Waals

Data CrowAlways wanted to manage all your collections in one product? You want a product you can customize to your needs? Your search ends here! Using Data Crow allows you to create a huge database containing all your collected items. A lot of work? No! Data Crow project retrieves information from t… 

MVideo 0.89.99 by Luca Roccia

MVideo is an advanced manager for your film collection.

MVideo manages a collection of films It uses a MySQL database to store all the information needed to manage all genres of movie archives.

It is written in C# and works with mono(c) and has some advanced features like retrieving film from… 

SQL::Amazon::UserGuide 0.10 by Presicient Corporation, USA

SQL::Amazon::UserGuide is a Perl module with user Guide for DBD/SQL::Amazon.


# create the parser, passing in the current Amazon metadata
my $parser = SQL::Amazon::Parser->new(%attrs);

# parse a SQL statement, ret… 

IMDbPY 2.7 by Davide Alberani

IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about both movies and people.

Platform-independent and written in pure Python (and few C lines), it can retrieve data from both the IMDb's web server and a local copy of the whole database.

IMDbPY pack… 

Business::Associates 1.00 by Allan Engelhardt

Business::Associates is a library to handle the new XML interface for the Associates program.

This package replaces the Amazon Recommends (tm) links to provide a powerful and simple to use interface that allows you to embed complex, highly targeted ads on your web site (or other docume… 

ShoppingStar 1.0.0 by gridvision engineering GmbH

ShoppingStar is a rich client application to browse products on the Amazon product catalog. All Amazon sites are supported (US, DE, CA, UK, JP, FR).

The prices of products can be tracked and compared. All kinds of products can be imported to your own library.

Here are some key features of "Sho… 

Tellico 1.2.7 by Robby Stephenson

Tellico is a collection manager for keeping track of your books, bibliographies, videos, music, comic books, coins, stamps, trading cards, wines, or any custom items.

Tellico project supports any number of user-defined fields, of eleven different types: text, paragraph, list, year, checkbox, URL,… 

VideoGuide 0.21 by Mikhail Stepanov

VideoGuide is content management system for video libraries. It allows you organize your video files, added film descriptions from or manually, assing genres, persons etc.

There is a new feature in the module IMDB::Film. Now you can retrieve a list of official sites of specified movie. S… 

PHP Personal Movie Database 0.5 by Alan

PHP Personal Movie Database lets you organise (add/edit/delete) and display your movies list (DVD, SVCD, VCD, DIVX, etc.).

Features include the ability to retrive information (title, actor, poster, etc.) from IMDB, to display a poster of the movie on mouseover, and more.

What's New in This Rel… 

TVEz 0.2.1 by Christian Eheim

TVEz is a browser-based system to manage movies, shows, and clips stored on local or remote file systems. It is also a front end to the XINE video player that makes the control of the player possible from the Web browser. It gets information about movies, including an image of the cover, from IMDB,… 

S browser 1.0 Beta 3 by Michal Ludvig

S3 browser is a Web-based application for managing your files stored in Amazon S3 storage service.

It supports uploading both from the server and through the browser, deleting existing files, organizing them into directories (buckets), and so on. S3 browser provides full UTF-8 support for filenam… 

Movida preview-20050131 by Angius Fabrizio

Movida is currently the first and only application of the OSDaB project.

Movida should help you organizing your movie collection, whatever media the movies are on (DVDs, MPEG-4 encoded files - like DivX or XviD movies, VCDs, VHSs and more).

A user-defined category may be assigned to each movie… 

MeD's Movie Manager 2.41 by Mediterranean

MeD s Movie ManagerMeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use, yet customizable, movie manager. MeD's Movie Manager project gets the movies info from IMDb, and episode info from

Here are some key features of "MeD's Movie Manager":
Unlimited size movie list
Add, Edit, Delete databas… 



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