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SVG Icons 0.3.0 by Vadim Plessky

The SVG Icons project provides SVG icon themes for desktop environments, including KDE and GNOME. They provide high rendering quality due to anti-aliasing, and reduce the amount of disk space required.

SVG Icons project has a goal to provide Open-Source reference implementation of SVG icon themes… 

AUCTeX 11.83 by David Kastrup

AUCTeX is an extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in GNU Emacs and XEmacs.

Here are some key features of "AUCTeX":

Insert macros, environments and headings with a simple key stroke or via a menu entry. AUCTeX will help you by prompting for parameters in case of k… 

RL-Framework 0.9 beta by Adam White

The RL-Framework is intended to provide a foundation for building benchmarks for reinforcement learning (RL) agents.

A secondary goal is to support RL competitions in which agents are compared in their performance on new problems that are only revealed at the time of a competition.

The current… 

Logical Desktop by Maurizio Colucci

Logical Desktop is a desktop environment. A "desktop environment" is a program that allows you to do many different things with your computer, but in a consistent way. Desktop environments can be seen as a "dogma" of how things should be done, and how they should look and feel.

Examples of deskto… 

Cobbler 0.3.4 by Michael DeHaan

Cobbler project is a provisioning configuration tool that enables administrators to rapidly set up environments for (simultaneously) provisioning PXE, installing Xen, and re-provisioning existing machines.

Set up of a PXE server, once a very manual process, is now greatly simplified. Cobbler also… 

hellanzb 0.9 by Philip Jenvey

hellanzb project is a Python application designed for *nix environments that retrieves nzb files and fully processes them.

The goal being to make getting files from Usenet as hands-free as possible. Once fully installed, all thats required is moving an nzb file to the queue directory. The rest; f… 

Fletch 0.46 by Vipul Ved Prakash

Fletch is a non-interactive FTP/HTTP client-agent designed to perform in bandwidth-deficient environments. It maintains a queue of jobs that are executed when a connection is available. Job states are maintained and a job is retried till it completes or dies of a permanent error. Fletch carefully mi… 

Grand8 1.2 by R?gis D?camps

Grand 8 is a big dipper simulator.

It is originally a postcourse for the CS 638 - Virtual Reality Environments module from the University of Manchester.


XScanMaster 0.6 by Jan

XScanMaster is a program to control intelligent lights using DMX512, based on the fixture library from GrandMA-firmware. The DMX512 output is done using DMX4Linux, which offers support for most common interfaces and many DMX512 lines.

Also included are functions to control fixtures movements in c… 

SourceBase 0.1.1 by Biswapesh Chatterjee

SourceBase is a parser library aimed at developers of free Integrated Development Environments.

It should make implementing advanced features such as intellisense code completion, call trees, symbol browsers, etc. a no-brainer. SourceBase is a tear-away development from Source Navigator.

The c… 

Viewglob 2.0.4 by Stephen Bach

Viewglob is a utility designed to extend Bash and Zsh when used in windowing environments. Viewglob project has two parts:

1. A tool that sits as a layer between the shell and X terminal, keeping track of the user's current directory and command line.
2. A graphical display which shows the layou… 

Exchanger XML Lite 3.2 by Cladonia Ltd.

The Exchanger XML Lite is an XML Editor that is free for use in non-commercial environments and can be downloaded without registration.

Exchanger XML Lite is a comprehensive multi platform XML Editor bringing you lots of the great features you have come to expect. The XML Editor facilitates easy… 

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server 2.1 by JSCAPE

JSCAPE Secure FTP Server is a highly secure FTP server designed to provide enterprise level secure file transfer capabilities.

As a platform independent solution, JSCAPE Secure FTP Server is perfect for deployment to environments that need secure file transfer capabilities while being able to sup… 

PyKaraoke 0.5 by Kelvin Lawson

PyKaraoke is a CDG and MPEG Karaoke Player.

Here are some key features of "PyKaraoke":
CDG (MP3+G, OGG+G) playback
MPEG playback
Searchable song database
Search inside ZIP files

PyKaraoke is built on two highly portable libraries, pygame and wxpython. Both of these are avail… 

rPath Linux 1.0.4 Live CD by rPath Inc.

rPath Linux is a Linux distribution built with the new Conary distributed software management system.

rPath Linux provides the foundation for creating software appliances that is:

Easily tailored to any application requirements
Built using Conary packaging technology, rPath Linux provides a m… 

Pyplet 1.30 by Jerome Alet

PyPlet is a very simple IRC bot who speaks ! You can use PyPlet in learning environments, to help visually impaired people, or just for fun. Please tell us what you do with it. PyPlet can be interfaced with ANY Text To Speech engine. Two scripts are provided as examples on how to interface PyPlet wi… 

Deep Network Analyser 1.5 GA by John Casey

DNA (Deep Network Analyser) is an open, flexible, and extensible deep network analyzer server and software architecture for passively gathering and analyzing network packets, network sessions, and applications protocols.

Deep Network Analyser project is designed to be used for Internet security,… 

Mantaray 2.0 by Amir Shevat

MantaRay project is an innovative open-source data messaging project that was designed to address the continuously changing structure of today's IT environments. MantaRay uses a new approach � peer-to-peer serverless architecture � that allowed its development team to create a solution… 

Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Server by Ubuntu Team

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce Ubuntu 5.10 Server, the first release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments.

Like the standard desktop Ubuntu, it occupies a single CD. However, it is distinguished by the following features:

* Includes server-oriented kernels with out-of-t… 

Linux-Mobile-Guide 3.19 by Werner Heuser

The Linux-Mobile-Guide is a guide for users of Linux and laptops, notebooks, PDAs and other mobile computers.

This guide was former known as Linux-Laptop-HOWTO but was now extended to cover Linux and mobile computer devices in general (laptops, PDAs, mobile cell phones, digital cameras, calculato… 



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