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VoiceApp 0.4.4 by Pasi Savolainen

VoiceApp records sound from soundcard (or any file) and converts it to frequency domain via FFT, showing the result in a window. The result is thrown on the screen in matrixish colors.

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in The West)
XFree86 4.1.0


webImageTool 0.1 by CaCO3

webImageTool is a service menu that extracts height and width from an image and builds the html tag from it.

This is usefull for webdesigners.


Copy Image dimension => height="768" width="1024"
Copy HTML-TAG => img src="PATH TO FILENAME/FILENAME" border="0" alt="FILENAME">… 

FractalEye 1.0.1 by Frank Mertens

FractalEye is a height map generation by fractal formulas and perlin noise. Heights are delivered by a fractal formula or DEM data and shown in different colors according to a gradient. In later versions an OpenGL 3D view would be nice.

More or less accidentally I took first two fractal formulas… 

yay 20060421 by Matthias Wientapper

yay simply displays 4:2:0 YUV pictures and sequences (planar Y:U:V format).

yay tries to find a first match of geometry information like _< width >x< height > somewhere in the path/filename, e.g. mobile_352x288.yuv or path/to/yuv/mobile_640x480x400frames/file.yuv

yay compiles on linux and on s… 

Geomorph 0.31 by Patrice St-Gelais

Geomorph is a height field generator and editor for Linux.

It features tools for generating height fields from subdivision and surface addition algorithms, with fine control of frequencies, output to 16-bit PNG files from 128x128 to 4096x4096 pixels, a pen for drawing height fields chunks or crat… 

avidentify 0.02 by pts oldalai

avidentify is a command line tool that extracts and prints various meta-information about media files: width, height, frame rate, video codec, audio codec, audio sample rate, audio bitrate, file format, etc.

avidentify uses ffmpeg's libavformat library to read the video files, thus MPEG, AVI, WMV… 

UDPM 0.88 by Kevin C. Krinke

UDPM is a Perl extension for User Dialogs.


use UDPM;
my $d = new UDPM ({'backtitle'=>'Demo','colours'=>1,'cr-wrap'=>1,


The interlace/deinterlace plug-in by Reinhard Geisler

The interlace/deinterlace plug-in is a Gimp plug-in interlaces/deinterlaces all layers of a film (multilayer image).

interlace: The number of layers is divided by 2 merging two successive layers into even/odd numbered lines of one layer. You can keep the image height by dropping lines or double i… 

Video::Info 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info can retrieve video properties such as: height width codec fps.


use Video::Info;

my $info = Video::Info->new(-file=>'my.mpg');

## ... see methods below

Video::Info is a factory class for working with video files. When you… 

Notes List 0.1 by kdu

Notes List is a simple and easy way to take Notes.

- Change SIZE (width and height)
- tun on/off the background image
- Auto save notes


RSS News Ticker Applet 1.0 by Anticariat Online LTD

RSS News Ticker Applet project provides a scrolling list of news from an RSS feed.

Here are some key features of "RSS News Ticker Applet":
live auto-update in real-time: the applet loads data from the same domain it is hosted via a data script that provides the news request, using HTTP; the upd… 

slide2handout 1.1 by Krzysio Leszczy?ski

slide2handout is a simple TeX/shell script that creates a printable version of PDF slides, that look similiar to ones created with MS PowerPoint.

All one has to do is to specify source PDF filename and a list of page numbers.


./ < pdf_filename > [{list_of_pages}]


GView 0.9.1a by Jason Barto

GView is a simple functional image viewing utility designed to teach newcomers the uses of the GTK / GDK libraries.

GView serves many purposes. The first is as a replacement for the Eye of Gnome application. I don't know why, but EOG as installed on my box stopped working; so I wrote my own. Seco… 

Normal/Displacement Map Generator 1.4 by Plss Roland

Normal/Displacement Map Generator is a tool designed to help you create Geometry Normal Maps. Such maps are used in high-end Games to fool the Player into believing that a Low Resolution Mesh does have much more detail than it actually does.

Those kind of Normal Maps are best generated using a Hi… 

Pic2AA 0.2.1 by Pic2AA Team

Pic2AA is tool providing converting jpeg/png (and any other image formats supported by Qt library) to AA (Ascii Art) images, using AA-Lib library.

It can show preview of converted image and save image into text file.

What's New in This Release:
BUGFIX: Crash while: synchro=ON, open, cancel,… 

GD::SecurityImage 1.61 by Burak Gursoy

GD::SecurityImage is a security image (captcha) generator.


use GD::SecurityImage;

# Create a normal image
my $image = GD::SecurityImage->new(width => 80,
height => 30,
lines => 10,

SVG::SVG2zinc 0.10 by Christophe Mertz

SVG::SVG2zinc is a Perl module to display or convert svg files in scripts, classes, images...


use SVG::SVG2zinc;

&SVG::SVG2zinc::parsefile('file.svg', 'Backend','file.svg',
-out => 'outfile',
-verbose => $verbose,

Imagero Reader 1.9.3_8 by Imagero Reader Team

Imagero Reader is a Java library for reading image files. Supported file types include BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JNG, MNG, JPEG (including 12-bit grey), PSD, PBM, PGM, PPM, TGA, EPS, EPSI, and EPSF.

The following RAW file types are also supported, at least partially: MRW, CRW, NEF, DCR, and DNG. It ca… 

RDVIS 20051122 by Kristof Beyls

RDVIS tool helps programmers pin-point the sources of cache misses and poor temporal locality in their source code.

The visualization often directs the experienced programmer towards the necessary program transformations within a few minutes.

The tool consists of two parts: a GUI that visualiz… 

Video::Info::FOO 0.993 by Allen Day

Video::Info::FOO is a Perl module for video information.

Video::Info::FOO - what is it useful for? an example list:

-video codec
-audio codec
-frame height
-frame width
-frame count
and more!


use Video::Info::FOO;

my $video;




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