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Password Cracking Library 2.0c.1 by Pavel Semjanov

Password Cracking Library allows you to write own password cracking software.

Here are some key features of "Password Cracking Library":
powerful dictionary attack with word modifiers
brute force (with or without known chars) attack
misspelled password recovery, and more

What's New in Th… 

Kmail password decrypter by David Hammerton

Kmail password decrypter can recover you Kmail password if you lost it.

Lost your KMail password? Use this tool that I whipped up in a jiffy.

gcc (to compile)… 

DBIx::Password 1.8 by Brian Aker

DBIx::Password provides an abstraction layer for password maintenance. It is database independent and only overrides the connect method (so it basically behaves as DBI normally does).

You provide a single virtual user name in the connect method and the module determines which database/which user/… 

Ruby/Password 0.5.3 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby.

It supports the manual entry of passwords from the keyboard in both buffered and unbuffered modes, random password generation, password strength checking, phonemic password generation (for easy memorisation by human-beings) and the e… 

pam_pwcheck 3.0 by Thorsten Kukuk

The pam_pwcheck is a PAM module for password strength checking. It makes additional checks upon password changes, but it doesn't make the change itself. It only provides functionality for one PAM management group: password changing.

This module works in the following manner: if enabled it calls a… 

Password Creator 2.0 by Fabian Vilers

Password Creator is a great tool to generate passwords with criteria like uppercase letters, numbers or even specified characters.

It has virtually no limitation on the pasword length and the password quantity or the characters to use.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed the excellent rating b… 

Universal Password Manager 1.4 by Adrian Smith

Universal Password Manager is a cross platform password manager. Over the years I've used a number of different password managers but I never quite found one that gave me everything I needed. At work I use MS Windows but at home I use a Mac.

What I wanted was a password manager that would run on… 

GDancer 0.4.6 by Travis Emslander

GDancer is a visualization plugin for XMMS which animates the lovable cartoon character Space Ghost to your favorite MP3s.

You can also have other characters through themes.



tar xzvf gdancer-0.4.0.tar.gz
cd gdancer-0.4.0
su (It will ask for a… 

myPMS 1.2 by Elvio Prattico

myPMS is a free password management application which will require you to remember only one password making the management of your important passwords simple.

myPMS is a web-based password management application which means it can be accessed from anywhere. It uses simple HTML, PHP and a MySQL da… 

PAM_Extern 0.2 by Benjamin Schieder

PAM_Extern is a PAM module that hands the username and password to an external application or shellscript for further handling.

The theory is that while a lot of people might be able to create authentication schemes, few are are able to do so using C and the PAM library.



Password Exporter 1.0.4 by Justin Scott

Password Exporter is a Thunderbird extension that allows you to export and import your saved passwords and rejected sites between computers.

Your passwords will be exported to an XML or CSV file and can be encrypted.

Where to find it:
Firefox 1.5 & Thunderbird Only: Tools -> Options -> Priv… 

PassReminder 0.6.1 by Eyecanseeyou

You would like to protect a list of passwords? You would like to remember your passwords? PassReminder is for you!

PassReminder is a free password manager. It keeps password secure. A master password is used to encrypt/decrypt each database.

PassReminder 0.3 is highly customizable with about 5… 

Password List Generator 1.0 by Pantelis Kaplanogio

Password List Generator is a good tool to create passwords list with makepasswd and save to file.


Cmos password recovery tools 4.8 by Grenier Christophe

Cmos password recovery tools decrypts password stored in cmos used to access BIOS SETUP.

Works with the following BIOSes:

Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0
Compaq (1992)
Compaq (New version)
IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad)
Packard Bell
Phoenix 1.0… 

Shadow 4.0.18 by Tomasz K?oczko

Shadow password file utilities package includes the programs necessary to convert traditional V7 UNIX password files to the SVR4 shadow password format, and additional tools to maintain password and group files (that work with both shadow and non-shadow passwords).

What's New in This Release:

TkPasMan 2.2b by Wilbert Berendsen

TkPasMan is a simple program that stores usernames and passwords for access to various websites.

It is inspired by gpasman, but has more `paste' possibilities. For example, you can just paste username and then password behind it.

How To Use TkPasMan:

A. Entering a new site.

1. Choose `Ad… 

phpPasswordManager 0.90.10 by hollow

phpPasswordManager is a Web-based password management system. The project organizes your different accounts in groups and makes them accessible over a Web interface. Each account can be encrypted with a different master password.


This release adds a… 

pam_dotfile 0.7 by Lennart Poettering

pam_dotfileis a PAM module which allows users to have more than one password for a single account, each for a different service.

This is desirable because many users have objections to using the same password for (as an example) an IMAP4 mailbox and SSH access.

The IMAP4 password should be dis… 

jBCrypt 0.1 by Damien Miller

jBCrypt is project a Java implementation of OpenBSD's Blowfish password hashing code, as described in "A Future-Adaptable Password Scheme" by Niels Provos and David Mazi?res.

This system hashes passwords using a version of Bruce Schneier's Blowfish block cipher with modifications designed to rais… 

MixIt 1.2 by Jorg Grohne

MixIt is a crypting program which makes given data unreadable using mixing, shifting, coding etc.

MixIt 1.2 offers you some features for an unbreakable communication via email using one time pads and password books.

To protect data, MixIt mixes a given input file with various mixing and… 



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