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PictureStories 1.4 by Institute of the Future

PictureStories lets you make little webpages of stories you write where some of the words are replaced with images which is called rebus. What makes PictureStories cool is that the images are dynamically pulled from popular web-based image search engines (like Google).

We've seen lots of cute lit… 

August 0.63b by b:son

August is a free html editor for the UNIX platform. It's a non-wysiwyg editor - like Aswedit or Hotdog.

It's written with the Tcl/TK scripting language and graphical toolkit. It's distributed as a single tcl script, which means that if you know Tcl/Tk you can very easily customize August yourself… 

ACT-RBOT + MRS Alpha 0.8.2 by m_rbot

ACT-RBOT + MRS project is a cognitive agent-based social simulation toolkit (RBOT+MRS) and production system based on ACT-R for modelling single actor cognitive experiments (RBOT) and multiple actors in a simulated (semiotic) world (RBOT + MRS).

JRE 1.5

What's New in This Relea… 

Seksi Commander 06b1 by Radek Červinka

Seksi Commander is a filemanager for Linux. It is strongly inspired by Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander), Midnight Commander and features some new ideas.

Here are some key features of "Seksi Commander":
internal viewer (binary, hexadecimal, text mode, image view)
internal editor wi… 

Hapm 0.6 by Hapm Team

Hapm stands for High Availability Port Monitor and is a local port status check. It is a simple, light and fast daemon to check TCP/UDP ports.

If one or more monitored ports (per IP) downs then the Heartbeat will be killed by HAPM.



You will need gc… 

ABacoD 1.4 by Matteo Lucarelli

ABacoD is an automatic backup script.

Transfers files and directory renaming them with a configurable logic.

Source path can contain wildchars:

* :every string
? :every char
[...] :one specified char

Destination path can contain:

^n^ :replaced with the result of n-th expansion in source pa… 

News notification 0.2 by Don Neumann

News notification is a RSS News notification via a popup window.

Modeled after Mail Notification. RSS News your way!

Here are some key features of "News notification":
Drag and drop to add feeds (into the news icon on status bar)
Font setting
Site icons

NOTE: FG/BG Color setting… 

Test::Chunks 0.39 by Brian Ingerson

Test::Chunks is a Data Driven Testing Framework.

NOTE - This module has been deprecated and replaced by Test::Base. This is basically just a renaming of the module. Test::Chunks was not the best name for this module. Please discontinue using Test::Chunks and switch to Test::Base.
Helpful Hint: c… 

KBDE 1.1.5 by Valery Reznic

KBDE is a keyboard emulator. It allow emulate keyboard input for keyboardless x86 computers.

KBDE include following:

linux kernel module
user-space tools
development library

What's New in This Release:
support for FC5 (obsolete MODULE_PARM replaced to module_param)… 

pmpkg 2006-11-05 by Patrick Mauritz

pmpkg provides a script and definitions to build SysV style binary packages for Solaris from source tarballs in an automated way, somewhat similar to ports or ebuilds.

pmpkg aims for reuse of system packages where possible and a minimalistic dependency set.

What's New in This Release:
The in… 

Freebooters 0.2.2 by Moritz Mhlenhoff

Freebooters project is a "Pirates!" clone based on SDL.

Freebooters is a strategy/action game set in the Caribbean Sea during the golden age of piracy.

It is based on the game mechanics of Sid Meier's "Pirates!", but is not an exact clone and uses neither code nor copyrighted material from th… 

morse-x 20060903 by Stephan Beyer

morse-x allows you to use any key on your keyboard as morse key (except q, which exits) and then it displays your morsed stuff as readable letters on stdout.

So you should start it in an xterm and then follow the instructions.

ANSI C compiler
libSDL 1.2 since version 20060819… 

Glirnath 0.30 by Payton Swick

Glirnath is a Web utility to browse and play audio files on a remote Unix computer dedicated to be a music jukebox. The Glirnath is not a music streamer to the local computers, but rather acts as a remote agent to play music on the server itself (hook it up to your stereo or something).

Access c… 

Apache::BioChrome 1.16 by Simon Matthews

Apache::BioChrome is an Apache handler for Image::BioChrome to colorize gif files based on information provided in the url.


PerlTransHandler Apache::BioChrome

# anywhere you can configure a location
< Location /biochrome >
PerlSetVar biochrome… 

N:PyTpl 0.5.1 by Necoro d.M.

N:PyTpl comes from Nec's Python Template System and is a template script written in Python.

It parses template files and creates e.g. HTML as output. Therefore, it is ideal to use for HTML pages, because it reduces redundancy to an absolute minimum.



- file extension: .tpl


gNewSense 1.0 by gNewSense Team

gNewSense is a GNU/Linux project, to take all the binary blobs out of a rather popular distribution and make it all free.

In doing so we have also produced a set of scripts to create a free GNU/Linux Distribution based off Ubuntu.

Here are some key features of "gNewSense":
Firmware removed from k… 

washerDryer 1.1 by Mike Foley

washerDryer keeps track of the clothes in your washing machine and dryer, and alerts you when they are ready. Keeps track of up to 10 loads at once, and can alert you in a multitude of ways.

What's New in This Release:
Added feature to change process times on the fly.
Configuration window no… 

Dolphin File Manager 0.7.0 by Peter Penz

Dolphin is a file manager for KDE focusing on usability.

Here are some key features of "Dolphin File Manager":
Navigation bar for URLs, which allows to navigate quickly through the file hierarchy.
View properties are remembered for each folder.
Splitting of views is supported.
Network tra… 

Vexi 0.92 by Charlie

Vexi is a Visual, Extensible, XML Interfaces.

Vexi is written in Java, but compiled into native binaries using GCJ and are combined with launchers that work natively in popular web browsers.

A basic understanding of XML is required.
At least a basic understanding of JavaScrip… 

ipfmeta 1.3 by Camiel Dobbelaar

ipfmeta is used to simplify the maintenance of an IPfilter ruleset. It does this through the use of 'objects'. A matching object gets replaced by its values at runtime. ipfmeta is specifically geared towards IPfilter. It is line oriented: if an object has multiple values, the line with the object is… 



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