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XMMS-Ruby 0.1.2 by Paul Duncan

XMMS-Ruby is XMMS bindings for Ruby.

Xmms-Ruby is a Ruby interface to Xmms. It allows you to adjust the equalizer, playlist, and playing options for one or more XMMS sessions within Ruby.

I haven't written a tutorial yet, but there is rdoc-generated API documentation in doc/, and a couple of… 

MB-Ruby 0.3.0 by Paul Duncan

MB-Ruby project provides MusicBrainz bindings for Ruby.


What's New in This Release:
The examples were cleaned up.
Several new MusicBrainz queries were added, and all of them were documented.
API documentation for the TRM module was added.
Ruby 1.8-style allocators… 

Ruby-GNOME2 0.15.0 by Geoff Youngs

Ruby-GNOME2 is a set of Ruby language bindings for the GNOME 2 development environment.

Ruby-GNOME2 contains bindings for many of the core GNOME libraries and also some less common ones.

Bindings for GTK2 and associated libraries (ie. Pango, ATK, GLib, GdkPixbuf2) are released as part of the… 

Mysql Assistant 1.1.1 by Duke Yamamoto

Mysql Assistant is a MySQL viewer. Mysql Assistant requires Ruby-Gtk2 and MySQL/Ruby.

Myassistant is a MySQL viewer using, Ruby, Ruby-Gtk2, MySQL/Ruby and developed on ruby-1.8.4, Mysql-5.0.16, mysql-ruby-2.7, ruby-gtk2-0.14.1.

Currently 3 APIs are provided for MySQL, MySQL/Ruby, Ruby/MySQL, a… 

Ruby/Informix 0.4.0 by Gerardo Santana Gomez Garrido

Ruby/Informix is a Ruby extension for connecting to IBM Informix Dynamic Server. It provides a convenient interface for querying an Informix database in Ruby programs.

What's New in This Release:
Support for scroll cursors and multiple connections to databases was added.… 

Ruby-DockApp 0.2.3 by HINO Masayuki

Ruby-DockApp is a ruby extention library for making DockApps.


% ruby extconf.rb
% make
# make install

What's New in This Release:
add new method(DockItem::set_image_at_size).… 

Ruby/LDAP 0.9.7 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/LDAP is an extension module for Ruby that provides the interface to LDAP libraries such as OpenLDAP.

It provides the interface to some LDAP libraries (for example, OpenLDAP, UMich LDAP, Netscape SDK, ActiveDirectory). The common API for application development is described in RFC1823 and mos… 

Ruby/FLTK 0.9.5 by Jeremy Henty

Ruby/FLTK is a Ruby binding for the FLTK (Fast Light ToolKit) GUI library. It works fine with OpenGL on UNIX, Cygwin and MinGW environment.


Ruby OpenID 0.9.4 by JanRain, Inc.

Ruby OpenID is a Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities. Ruby OpenID makes it easy to add OpenID authenticaion to your web applications.

Here are some key features of "Ruby OpenID":
Easy-to-use API for verifying OpenID identities (OpenIDConsumer)
New support for serving Open… 

Ruby Editor Plugin 0.7.6 by Robert McKinnon

The jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin lets you manipulate Ruby and Rails code at the syntax level.

Ruby Editor Plugin focused on programmer productivity, the plugin provides method completion and an integrated Ruby documentation viewer.

Here are some key features of "Ruby Editor Plugin":
Syntax parsing no… 

Gnome Splash Properties 0.3.0 by Paul Chavard

Gnome Splash Properties let's you easily setup your splash on GNOME desktop.

Written in Ruby and Ruby-Gnome2 "Gnome Splash Properties" aim to by easy too use. In near future Drag & Drop support is planed.

Gentoo ebuild is available on the web site. Installation: run "ruby setup.rb" in the main… 

Ruby Crypt 1.1.4 by Richard Kernahan

Ruby Crypt library is a pure-ruby implementation of a number of popular encryption algorithms. Block cyphers currently available include Blowfish, GOST, IDEA, and Rijndael (AES). Cypher Block Chaining (CBC) has been implemented. Twofish, Serpent, and CAST256 are planned for release soon.

Crypt is… 

ruby-ircd 0.03 by rahul

ruby-ircd is an IRC daemon implementation. ruby-ircd extends the webrick generic server.

Currently, it only supports minimal facilities like creation of rooms and private messaging between users and rooms.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes the Windows bug on getnameinfo when try… 

Ruby-UDBM 0.7 by Alexandre David

The Ruby DBM library has now a binding to the popular Ruby language. The binding offers several modules as different layers on top of the DBM library, depending on what the user wants to do. The different modules are:

- udbm: This is the core binding that provides the classes Constraint to define… 

ruby index/search 0.0.2 by Josh Myer

ruby index/search is a general indexing framework for ruby. With it, you can create collections of documents, then index and search them. Currently, both inverted indexing and LSA indexing are supported, with rudimentary result clustering in the works.

The indices may be marshalled out (with Mar… 

Ruby/Google 0.6.0 by Ian Macdonald

Ruby/Google offers a higher-level abstraction of Google's SOAP-driven Web API. Ruby/Google module allows the user to programatically query the Google search engine from Ruby.

The aim of the library is to shield the programmer from the details of the raw data structures returned by the Web API, an… 

mod_ruby 1.2.5 by Shugo Maeda

mod_ruby is an Apache module that embeds the Ruby interpreter into the Apache web server, allowing Ruby CGI scripts to be executed natively. These scripts will start up much faster than without mod_ruby.

You can also extend Apache by mod_ruby. mod_ruby provides Apache API to Ruby.


RubyScript2Exe 0.5.1 by Erik Veenstra

RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into a standalone, compressed Windows, Linux or Mac OS X (Darwin) executable.

You can look at it as a "compiler". Not in the sense of a source-code-to-byte-code compiler, but as a "collector", for it collects all necessary files to run your script on an… 

ruby-randbg 0.9 by Joey Line

ruby-randbg is a small script to change your computer's background wallpaper to a random image in a specified directory.

ruby-randbg project uses a simple cache file to make sure that wallpapers do not repeat. Each time a wallpaper is used, it is added to the cache. Once the cache fills up, it rese… 

Ruby-BDD 0.2 by Alexandre David

Ruby-BDD is a BDD Binding for Ruby.

BDDs [bry86,and97] (or more precisely ROBDDs) are efficient data structures for representing boolean formula. They are widely used in formal verification, in particular symbolic model-checking. The idea of symbolic model-checking is to represent sets of states… 



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