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GraphViz::Data::Structure 0.15 by Joe McMahon

GraphViz::Data::Structure can visualise data structures.


use GraphViz::Data::Structure;

my $gvds = GraphViz:Data::Structure->new($data_structure);
print $gvds->graph()->as_png;

This module makes it easy to visualise data structures, even recursive or circular ones.
It is… 

Rubytree 0.2.2 by Anupam Sengupta

Rubytree is a simple to use general purpose tree data structure implementation in Ruby.

It provides easy access methods for navigating the hierarchy, as well as for accessing the nodes. Rubytree project also provides ability to marshal the entire tree structure.… 

Search::QueryParser 0.91 by Laurent Dami

Search::QueryParser parses a query string into a data structure suitable for external search engines.


my $qp = new Search::QueryParser;
my $s = '+mandatoryWord -excludedWord +field:word "exact phrase"';
my $query = $qp->parse($s) or die "Error in query : " . $qp->err;

HL7lib 0.2 by James M. Rogers

Health level 7 is a protocol that is used to allow medical computers from different vendors to communicate with each other.

HL7lib library is an attempt to produce a simple, correct HL7 library that can be embeded in projects to enable rapid development of powerful tools and robust interfaces. I… 

Sort MP3 0.1 by Joshua Curtis

Sort MP3 is a script was made to help in organizing MP3s. If you have one directory with allot of mp3s and the names are not very readable you can run this script against them. It will read the id tag of a mp3 and rename the file to the title of the song but with _ instead of spaces. It can also cre… 

AntiCMS Content Management System 0.2.1 by Aurelius Bruzas

AntiCMS is a minimalist content management system for small and simple websites. The main purpose of this system is to separate content, structure and layout.

Layout is defined using templates; content and structure are stored in XML file - database is not required. System is written in Python and… 

e2fsimage 0.2.0 by Christian

e2fsimage allows you to create ext2 filesystem images, mostly used on Linux systems, by copying an entire directory structure into an ext2 formatted image without needing root permissions.

Without this tool you need to loopback-mount an existing filesystem image and copy all files there as root.

Linux Video Maker 0.2 by Patrick Ziobron

Linux Video Maker is useful for DVD/(S)VCD structure generating, ready for record on CD/DVD. It's in fact graphics interface (GUI) for transcode, mplex, DVDAuthor and few other programs...

Using of these programs for this purpose is uncomfortable and sometimes difficult especially for beginners b… 

Mac::PropertyList 1.29 by Brian D. Foy

Mac::PropertyList is a Perl module to work with Mac plists at a low level.


use Mac::PropertyList;

my $data = parse_plist( $text );

# == OR ==
my $data = parse_plist_file( $filename );

# == OR ==
open my( $fh… 

Net::Delicious::Simple 0.01 by Ricardo SIGNES

Net::Delicious::Simple is a Net::Delicious for backups.


use Net::Delicious::Simple;
my $del = Net::Delicious->new(user => 'plki', pswd => 'secret');

print "$_->{href}n" for $del->all_posts;

If you want to do anything interesting with automation, you prob… 

Kate PHP Browser Plugin 0.1 Beta by Thiago Silva

Kate PHP Browser is a kate plugin to display PHP source structure information. I'm still playing with ideas, so any feedback is welcome.

There are some issues yet (there is only one view - by source file, and icons need work) but overall, I think is good for a first release.

This plugin requires… 

CAM::XML 1.14 by Clotho Advanced Media, Inc.

CAM::XML is an encapsulation of a simple XML data structure.


my $pollTag = CAM::XML->new('poll');

foreach my $q (@questions) {
my $questionTag = CAM::XML->new('question');

$questionTag->add(-text => $q->{text});
my $choicesTag = CAM::XML->new('choices');

XML::CSV 0.15 by Ilya Sterin

XML::CSV is a Perl extension converting CSV files to XML.


use XML::CSV;
$csv_obj = XML::CSV->new();
$csv_obj = XML::CSV->new(%attr);

$status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name);
$status = $csv_obj->parse_doc(file_name, %attr);


zlcatalog 0.2 by Zen Lunatics

zlcatalog project is a C library that can be used to organize information in a non-hierarchical way.

The zlcatalog system attempts to break away from the common hierarchical paradigm found in many applications today. The tree structure of folders and items is a natural extension of an operating s… 

SimpleDoc 0.7.1 by Cezary Tomczak

SimpleDoc project is a simple Web-based document management system.

The interface is simple and intuitive, there is a tree structure for management and content editing is done without needing to reload the browser.

No database is required.

Here are some key features of "SimpleDoc":
By us… 

KnowledgeRoot by Frank Habermann

KnowledgeRoot is a knowledge base system that lets you structure your content in a tree.

KnowledgeRoot project integrates FCKeditor to make adding content easy. Knowledgeroot use PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL.

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes some problems with the rights managme… 

db2ssd 0.1.4b by Daniel Boesswetter

db2ssd is a tool that creates TCM or Dia diagrams from database structures.

db2ssd is a Perl script that connects to a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any ODBC), extracts its structure, and produces a diagram readable by TCM's "Static Structure Diagram" (UML) editor or by GNOME Dia.

Other dat… 

C Generic Library 0.4.2 by Micah Villmow

C Generic Library is a generic data structure library is a bunch of data structures that are designed and created in as generic a fashion as possible.

Each data structure will contain its own basic memory management, be able to handle any object type, and hopefully constraint to strict algorithmi… 

uthash 1.2 by Troy D. Hanson

uthash is a hash for C structures, allowing any C structure having a unique key field to be hashed.

Structures can be deleted, added or removed from the hash in constant time. The key field can have any data type.

Example 1. Adding an item to a hash.

#include "uthash.h"

struct my_struct… 

XML::Excel 0.02 by Ilya Sterin

XML::Excel is a Perl extension converting Excel files to XML.


use XML::Excel;
$excel_obj = XML::Excel->new();
$excel_obj = XML::Excel->new(%attr);

$status = $excel_obj->parse_doc(file_name);
$status = $excel_obj->parse_doc(file_name, %attr);




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