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HTTP Anti Virus Proxy 0.83 by Christian Hilgers

HAVP (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) is a proxy with a ClamAV anti-virus scanner. HTTP Anti Virus Proxy aims are continuous, non-blocking downloads and smooth scanning of dynamic and password protected HTTP traffic.

Havp antivirus proxy has a parent and transparent proxy mode. It can be used with squid or… 

AntiVirus Scanner 0.8.5 by Tara Milana, Wolfpack Entertainment

AntiVirus Scanner is an anti-virus scanner for Endeavour Mark II that uses the ClamAV library (libclamav).

AntiVirus Scanner allows you to create a list of scan items for frequently scanned locations and features easy virus database updating, all in a simple GUI environment.


Antivirus Scan with F-Prot 0.5 by isma

Antivirus Scan with F-Prot is a simple servicemenu for konqueror that allows to scan single or multiple files and folders using the F-Prot Antivirus. Antivirus Scan with F-Prot shows the result of the scanning in a textbox using kdialog. It can also show the progress of the scanning in a terminal.

BitDefender FE 1.1 by Archipel Software

BitDefender FE is just a frontend for BitDefender Antivirus Console.

What's New in This Release:
This version was necessary because of the modifications applied by BitDefender on their Console antivirus.
Modification of the GUI
Added Interface settings (for quarantie and log file folder)

Visual F-Prot 2.1 by Tomislav Ribaric

Visual F-Prot is an F-Prot Antivirus for Linux Workstations graphical interface.

Visual F-Prot is graphical interface for F-Prot Antivirus(TM) for Linux Workstations for home use (available for free download) copyrighted by Frisk Software International ( Before you install this prog… 

Endian Firewall 2.0 Community by Endian Firewall Team

Endian Firewall is a "turn-key" linux security distribution based on IPCop that turns every system into a full featured security appliance. Endian Firewall has been designed with "usability in mind" and is very easy to install, use and mange, without loosing its flexibility.

The features include… 

F-Prot Antivirus for Linux Workstations 4.6.7 by FRISK Software International

F-Prot Antivirus security software package has various components that help keep your system secure from viruses, backdoors, trojans and other malicious programs. The project includes the RealTime Protector, a memory-resident monitoring utility that observes all files accessed on your system, a Sche… 

WebCleaner 2.40 by Bastian Kleineidam

WebCleaner is a filtering HTTP proxy. It can be customized to your needs.

Here are some key features of "WebCleaner":
remove unwanted HTML (adverts, flash, etc.)
popup blocker
disable animated GIFs
filter images by size, remove banner adverts
compress documents on-the-fly (with gzip)

SimpleMail 2.0.2 by Ryan Morrison

SimpleMail is the easiest e-mail client there is! SimpleMail uses UAP (Unwanted Access Protection) exclusively to SimpleMail that automatically protects you from viruses in e-mails, malicious code in e-mails, and even pictures in spam that my be offensive in content. SimpleMail is compatible with ma… 

Clam AntiVirus 0.88.7 by Clam AntiVirus Team

Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit for Unix. Clam AntiVirus main purpose is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning).

The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a commandline scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are bas… 

postprox 0.2.0 by Andrew Wood

postprox is an SMTP proxy which copies an SMTP conversation between its input and another SMTP server, but spools the DATA portion to a temporary file and runs a specified program on it before passing it on to the output server - or outputting an SMTP error code instead if the content filter says so… 

F-Prot GUI 0.5 by FRISK Software International

F-Prot GUI is a graphical user interface for great (and free for individual users) command line antivirus called F-Prot.

F-Prot GUI is a very simple script but not featureless, I hope it will be useful.

For home users using the Linux open-source operating system, we offer F-Prot Antivirus for… 

Proxy Detector 0.1 by Daantje Eeltink

Proxy Detector is a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy. This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client.

When the user uses a proxy server, most of the proxy servers alter the header. The header is returned to PHP in the arra… 

Aberium Supervisor 2.3 by Aberium

Aberium Supervisor rapidly transform any PC into an internet security appliance. Installation is automatic, taking 5 minutes and managment is through a web-based interface.

Here are some key features of "Aberium Supervisor":
Internet security: Firewall, VPN (IPSEC & PPTP), Screened Subnet, IDS,… 

Proxy Scanner 2.0 by Angelo Rosiello

Proxy Scanner is a tool that looks for proxy servers and tells you whether or not they can bounce your connection.

The software is very easy to use.

To compile it, you must execute the Makefile.
To get a scansion of a b-block or c one:

./proxyscanner 192.168 22… 

avpmilter 0.2-2 by Vadim V Zotov

avpmilter is a sendmail milter interface to the Kaspersky antivirus daemon.
Avpmilter gets virus scan result and tells sendmail MTA to send reject message upon virus detection. This program is not MTA, nor antivirus by itself.

In comparison with will Kaspersky's kavkeeper it will improve perfor… 

AVIRA Antivirus for Postfix 1.0.3 by AVIRA

AVIRA Antivirus for Postfix is a comprehensive antivirus solution for Linux mailservers, functioning at high speed and filtering against malicious contents by checking both incoming and outgoing emails.

AVIRA Antivirus for Postfix runs as a plug-in for Postfix and supports Access Control Lists. I… 

AVScan 0.8.5 by Tara Milana

AVScan is an AntiVirus scanner front end for ClamAV.

A front end for the Clam AntiVirus scanner using Endeavour Mark II. Features a scan list for frequently scanned locations, freshclam update support, and command line calling from Endeavour.

ClamAV 0.81
Endeavour Mark II (r… 

Shrew Proxy/Filter 0.1.0 by Thomas Metge

Shrew Proxy/Filter is a tiny proxy built on WEBrick's HTTPProxyServer, extended for both URL and content filtering. Shrew Proxy/Filter is designed to be small, simple to configure, and easy to install.

It is extremely small, lightweight, and works quite well. All blacklists (both URL and content)… 

SquidClamAv 3.0 by Gilles Darold

SquidClamAv is a dedicated ClamAV antivirus redirector for Squid. SquidClamAv script can run antivirus checks based on filename regex, content-type regex, and more. It is easy to install and works even with heavy Squid access.

libcurl 7.12.1 at least


cd regex/



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